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 Post subject: Re: A Matter of Strength
PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 5:01 pm 

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Funny facts about this:
Alakhai: St 10
Golgotha: St 9
Valpurgius: St 10
Razide: St 10

Mitch Hunter: St 11
Big Bob Watts: St 12

Valerie Duval: St 11

Laura: St 11

It think you only roll St when you Disengage, but it is a funny thing have humans with better stats than monsters. Probably you dont want Disengage with these CC Heroes, except Big Bob Watts, that has the better St in the game, except the Behemoth, but Big Bob will try Disengage to shoot.

PS: Con values have less logic than Strength, specially in the Brotherhood, and Con is a stat a LOT more used in the game (more with the Gas rules).

 Post subject: Re: A Matter of Strength
PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 10:36 am 

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Alakhai: I even made entire topic - 'Strange/unfluffy Con/St' because I share your opinion that they are made without much logic from WZR in universe perspective. I also do not accept that answer is 'because of balance'. No balance can explain humans [even highly trained] to be stronger than Nepharites or Razides or cyborgs. I also agree that it is even worse with Con. My solution for this problem is simple:
Ordinary soldier = ST and Con 8.
Highly trained/light augmented /mutated = ST and/or Con 9.
Heavly augmented/heavly mutated/in light power armour = St and/or Con 9-10.
Monster/in heavy power armour/battle robot = ST and Con 10+
I posted it in mentioned above topic and also sent pm to Jarek. So far I do not see any hope for changes, especially after Imperial pdf. where we have another funny thing: non augmented or even big sized human with 4 wounds when Valpurgius or Golgotha as lord have only 3.

 Post subject: Re: A Matter of Strength
PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 11:01 am 
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yes you 're right but with only 14/11 (if i remenber well) in armor when steiner get a awful 16 or 17/13 OR 14. Not really unbalanced I think.

Concerning the CON test but with the PDF: the greyhound and hurricane got gas attacks. No need to be afraid.

 Post subject: Re: A Matter of Strength
PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:00 am 

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I don't know why the game didn't include environmental hazards to start. UWZ had the concept like this, and so does Infinity, its not like that concept didn't exist and was already in play to see how it works.

Basically you have a bio stat, BOD, BTS, CON whatever you want to call it, and instead of Armor you use that, since mostly the Con stat is lower it is more deadly but that is why they have Equipment in the game.

Simply buy equipment that grants a bonus to Con based damage, and since this game has Gear cards, problem identified, problem solved.

It should be noted that most miniature games like warzone have an army like Imperial. Imperial represents the Empire army much like the Neo-Soviets or Junkers, and part of their theme is the environmental hazard.

In real WWI fashion wasn't it the Germans that used it first? No, actually the french did with the use of Tear Gas, and later Germans did experiments led to Chlorine Gas, which the allies knew of and it is probably one of those cases in history where a real conflict is used to test the waters so to speak and see what the effect is. Nations do this type of thing. Of course, to prepare the French and Brits would have needed to properly gear up for something they didn't probably understand the whole ramifications for, but eventually did so later when we fought Desert Storm, one thing the US troops made a real issue of was possible chemical attacks and made all soldiers have the gas mask and other precautions so events in WWI led to preparation like this.

Technically, since Warzone is a game based on WWI rather than WWII, the Bauhaus should be the ones with the gas weapons, and Tear Gas (as they are assumed to be part french too) but since Imperial is the Empire army of this game, swap out some soviets for brits and poof you get something like the Imperial army list and great modifications like the Hurricane Walker, the URSA would be truly envious with comic book-like green radiation. Of course, radiation and toxic sludge and other things would also be CON based attacks and had this game had a soviet (or Russian type) force since we love the Neo-Soviet vibe, it would go without saying that the Chernobyl Erradicator would deal out lethal doses of radiation. Yet, that is technically not warzone, so Imperial Gas attacks it is.

It would go without saying that Gear cards will result for other factions as, like WWI, they learn to deal with it and thus issue their troops the proper equipment (ignoring the fact they probably had literally hundreds of years of prior knowledge, but this is a game so we ignore logical errors like that) as the forces were designed prior to the rules that included gas so the rules lawyer will go back to each corporate HQ and explain how it was not technically possible and they could spin a PR campaign to their citizens about how they were legally prevented and that the losses experienced by their troops would be rectified and now new Gear was in fact available.

And now for a bit of Imperial fun. Don't read if you think i'm being serious.
Much like how the US army apparently didn't know that Humvee Jeeps needed armor prior the Iraq war even though a long history of the fact vehicles in fact need armor to be properly protected. So now they get the armor, and like real life the Corporations of Warzone can blame the fact they only contracted with a very limited number of companies to make the proper upgrades needed and that is why they faced that problem. In other words, their own greed and ineptitude helped create the situation, but that is very Warzone isn't it, the Corporations are not corrupt? Why would the dark legion benefit from this?

:ugeek: :roll: :twisted:

Apparently in Warzone they haven't signed a geneva convention agreement banning these weapons, or if they did apparently the morally superior Imperial ignored it and did it anyways. For King and Country! Oh, right for Corporation and Profit, oh that is capital, for Might Makes Right, ok that is King Arthur, no it isn't! I give up.

Warzone RPG sidenote there would be legal issues with the use of these weapons and it could help play a role in the rpg side of things, unless legally it is legal and in which case, since armies like to do these things the only thing preventing them is their own self-imposed policy decisions. Why stop with Gas weapons Imperial? Since the top-elite of Imperial are social darwinists, why not do genetic testing of some type to create super soldiers? Oh, wait, that is Cybertronic. Damn it, well Imperial can do this too. No they can't dark symmetry and all. Imperial responds with: :| We shall find a way to fight on the beaches and in the cities, in the lab and the boardroom. We shall never surrender our right to create weapons of environmental and genetic manipulation and destruction. You think Gas weapons are bad, wait till our next generation of weapons. Well, there was this expose on Imperial TV about how the Golden Lions were actually, maybe, had some NuGene therapy that helped them be the badasses they are. I knew it! Apparently, they have genetically modified lungs so Gas attacks don't actually harm them.

Here's what Imperial really needs, nanotech that gives them NuEnamel for their teeth, suddenly across Imperial Corporation new dental miracles abound! There are news reals all about the miracle. It turns out Cybertronic was feeling sorry for the Imperial citizenry who didn't have good dental plans for their 'state' run dental care.

Imperial sends a giant thank you Thank You card to Cybertronic!

 Post subject: Re: A Matter of Strength
PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:59 am 

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Horned God wrote:
For King and Country! Oh, right for Corporation and Profit, oh that is capital, for Might Makes Right, ok that is King Arthur, no it isn't! I give up.

I think it is For Clan and Serenity!

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