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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:55 pm 

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1) About crimson dragon:

Passive: Demonsbreath Poisoned Gas: Models that are
caught within a Demonsbreath Poisoned Gas Grenade SE
template must immediately pass a Con test, otherwise
they suffer an automatic Wound Effect. Armour Tests
may not be taken and ‘Impenetrable Armour’ must be

why it says "Impenetrable Armour’ must be rerolled" while just before it says that armour test may not be taken? I thought it could be an error... maybe the right sentence was something like... HEAL rolls must be rerolled?
what do you think?

2) and another one:

it happens during a game that my opponent played a mishima tactical card on his demon hunters squad of four members. the card (can't remember the name) says that the the squad couldn't be targeted by psichic powers.
next to the squad he left his warlord. Then I targeted the warlord with escalation of the light
here the text of the psichic power:

Escalation of the Light
All Warlords: If the WP test for the Primary Target is
passed and the Primary Target survived, the ‘Escalation
of the Light’ progresses to thenearest Enemy
Model within 3”. On a D20 roll of 1-17 the nearest Model
within 3” receives a Piercing Autohit with a St15
AVV3. Continue this for up to 3 more shots (5 in total) modifying the St and AVV of the Ranged Attack by -1 from
the previous Autohit (to minimum AVV of 1). If there are no previously unaffected Models within 3” the of the Model
most recently hit or affected Model survived , the Escalation of the Light dissipates with no further effect.

it says that the power 'passes on the nearest enemy', not on a 'target' enemy. i thought that it was legal for the power to jump on the first demon hunter, which was within 3' of the warlord, because he wasn't target of the spell.. the target waas just the warlord.
So... in this case my opponent didn't agree with me. to pacify our poor souls I decided to chenge my action, but still the doubt stay with us, specifically when I made him notice that he could have used the 'GUARDED' special skill, which allow him to switch the damage from the lord to the demon hunter.

So, we passed on, but still have the doubt. Sure it was a strange situation, but what do you think. anyone from Prodos?

3) now the freshest one

Mishima can cast ki (S) powers without spending actions. But still they are shooting action, so they cannot shoot again in the same turn. Is it correct? (i reckon this is slightest the easiest one to answer)

4) do anyone think brotherhood is overpowered? I play just a few more than ten games of warzone resurrection, always with brotherhood and never lose a game. that's just an euphemism... I alway annihilate my opponent to the bone in two - three turns, I steal him his snack and candies too. I am a bad person or brotherhood are a little overpowered?


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