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 Post subject: couple of rule-questions
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:37 am 

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Hi guys,
we hab our second game last night and a couple of questions popped up, hope someone of you could help. :)

1. Turn to burn one card to get heal(3) skill: I can choose to burn one card directly if the amour test fails (=i'm going to receive a wound), to get a one-time heal check. I don't have to burn one card minutes before the get the model a free heal check for their next wound which may be received somewhat in the future, right?

2. toxic canister drop (imperial card) / toxic discharge (skill of greyhound): It says: place so token / use the skill [...], models which finish their activation in x" have to complete a con test (gas). So, if i place the token near a model which is already deactivated this round it won't work cause the model actually has to actively end its movement near the token? Same for the tank, if the tank is engaged in cc and the engaging model moves and engages the tank before the tank is going to be activated, the toxic discharge is useless cause because the attacking model is already deactivated?

3. greyhound 160mm mortar: the indirect shot says, that it always scatters d20/2. so if i shoot and pass the rs test, it scatters d20/2, if i fail the rs test it also scatters d20/2 cause its a template weapon?

4. trencher / under-barrel grenade launcher: if i use the grenade launcher to place any of the three possible tokens, how long do those tokens last, are they ever going to be removed?

5. pinning / broken: if a squad loses 50 or 75% does it has to take an instant pinning/broken test? the modifiers (-2 pinning/-6 broken) do only apply if the squad is going to be activated and tries to recover from pinning/broken?

6. broken: what happens if a broken fleeing model reaches the table edge? is it going to be removed as casualty or does it just stay there and continues to try to recover from broken next round?

Hope you can help us out, thanks in advance! :)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:09 am 

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1.You turn to burn when u recieve a wound effect (when your model is hit by an attack)Page 43 point b)
3.You don t make a RS test. You simply put the tamplate where you want to shoot and scatter from there.
4. see page 33 under Definitons Active skills (x) lasts for one round unless otherwise stated in the active skill
5. You are testing at the end of the gameturn depending on the casualties your sqd sufferd. 50% pinning 75% broken
5.1 When u are forced to test there are no mod. but when u try to recover next turn the mod. come into play aka -2 and -6 page 40
6.I assume they are removed as casualty since errata says:"Pg 41 (21) - What happens if I fail both attempts to recover from a Break test? I think the intention is that the models
keep running, but it doesn't say that.
OA: Yes, the unit remains Broken until it passes. If it fails both attempts to regroup, it is still Broken and recieved the Free
move described in Broken Squads (of 2x Movement towardsthe nearest friendly Deployment Board Edge).

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