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Question after a tournament
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Author:  saxcloud [ Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Question after a tournament

All righ I played my first three games of wzr in a tournament and now I have a few question....

Shooting template: if I have to move or rd a troop is allowed by rules to pre measure with the template to see which position of my model will get the more shots?

Mv bonus: legionnaires can get mv bonus from various source: boss necromutant, Golgotha and at least one strategy card. When are those applied and or doubled?
I think I must before multiply the base mv 4 then when they can run they move 8" +x where x is the bonus applied. And if I can also get the move skill from nepharite I can for example in a +2 bonus case run for 10" and get a 6" move from the nepharite skill correct? And I can also move 6 and engage for another 4"?

How does it work exactly the razide abilities? As the enemy can't get cover from its shooting I can ignore any modifier which does not come from source different then cover ? As intervening model , but I cannot shot if there are more than three cover piece between razide and target? The text of the ability say:
"Razide ignore negative modifier to range. Enemy model cannot claim cover when targeted by razide" . Oh, and that mean razide can make a rapid fire action at full range with just -2 to Rs?

Where is the rules where AV test against av0 weapon gets reroll?

It is possible to buy a third ap, shoot then gets in sentry and shoot again from sentry?

Can I. Buy additional rof for psychic weapon like the flames template for Golgotha or indigestion ?

I can't find it in the hurry, but if I have more than one weapon for close combat ( Golgotha necroclaw and horitsa spine or nepharite with Azogar and his gun in shotgun mode, for example) I have to choose one or I can use both?

Well it should be all for now:)

Author:  ADG_Wraith [ Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Question after a tournament

1. can I measure? page 26, section on measuring.
"Players may measure any distance (i.e. movement, shooting, Squad Coherency etc.) at any point in the Game. This is commonly referred to as ‘pre-measuring’. "

2. move modifiers applied and doubled. This is a little tricky. If modifiers are all taken together, then the mathematical principle applies- multiplication, then division, then addition, then subtraction. However, with movement you can have two types of modifiers- modifiers to move actions and modifiers to the movement stat (or MV). Action modifiers occur every time the model moves- like terrain, so you multiply to run or engage before you subtract the -2" for crossing light cover. However, if something modifies the models MV, that occurs whenever the MV stat is boosted- at the very start of the game for things like the +1MV for having a Necromutant Squad Commander, or when the skill is activated, like Ronin Samurai's Active: The River Flows. Therefore, when you make a move action, you use the modified MV stat- a run action for a legionnaire with a Necromutant commander is 10" (5x2), not 9" (4x2+1).
Mathematical principle is on P.26. Stat lines are on p.27.

3. Can I move 6 and engage 4? Yes. Move and engage are different actions as listed on p.30. If your MV is 5, you won't violate the rule on p.27 that you can't move more than MVx2. This is especially useful where you want to get your engage bonus, but are too close to the target or not in LOS. Just TTB1 for +1AP, then move, engage and attack.

4. Razide and cover modifiers. The text of the Unstoppable skill is:
"Passive: Unstoppable: Razides ignore negative Modifiers to Range. Razides do not receive any negative modifiers to RS caused by Light or Heavy Cover."
So the Razide still receives the modifiers but ignores them. It will suffer all other modifiers not caused by cover as normal... like a Mirrorman's -2/-4 RS from the stealth suit skill. Crucially, a model still gets to use Camouflage (X), as they are in cover- the Razide ignores the cover modifier, not the camouflage one.
Yes, the Razide will ignore the negative modifier to range from Rapid Fire actions.

5. AVV0 rerolls- look at p.82, General Vehicle Rules, in the box, point 7. It's easy to miss the rules contained in these boxes because they look like examples, but they're rules.

6. Shooting in sentry. No, you cannot shoot twice, as per the general action rules on p.30: "No Action can be Activated more than once per Model per Game Turn (unless stated otherwise)."
Note this part of the sentry action rules: "Models in Sentry can use 1 Action Point (which cannot be increased by any means) during the enemy’s Activation Phase." You're not getting a second activation, you're using one of your action points from this activation, just out of sequence. Therefore, it's still the same turn and no action can be repeated. That's why there's a separate 'dive for cover' action- if you've moved then entered sentry, you won't be able to move again. Therefore, dive for cover lets you get out of the way.

7. psychic 'weapons'. Note that there are no psychic weapons, only powers. Psychic (S) powers function similar to weapons in that they have a profile and use WP like a weapon uses RS, but they're not a weapon. Therefore they cannot use TTB to increase the ROF/ROA of the power.

8. Weapon choice. You have to choose which weapon you will use. Another example is the Mishima Meka, who can choose to use the fist or sword when making an attack. Another example is Shiryo-X, whose profile specifically states that he can use both weapons for a close combat attack, albeit with some additional restrictions.

Let me know if you've got any more.

Author:  saxcloud [ Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question after a tournament

So if i have a Squad of legionaires with necromutant leader, under 12" from golgotha and with unleashed strategy in play i can run a legionaire 14"?
And then move them additional 7" inches with nepharite ability?
With moment of clarity of Course....

Btw when a card affect a Squad but does not specify the models who benefit the ability everyone in that Squad benefict from the card/ability?
Eg. Nepharite ability "by my will" or the card "unholy presence" wich target an undead legionnaire Squad,but can affect also lords attached to the Squad?

Author:  saxcloud [ Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question after a tournament

And i can move 6 and engage 4 but with modifier the legionnaire how much i have to love to get engage bonus? The base mv or mv plus modifier?

Author:  ADG_Wraith [ Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question after a tournament

That specific example of all of those things being in place: oh yeah, that's exactly how it works. So yes, your Legionnaires could move 21" in a single turn. Nasty. Even the Necromutants nearby would only got 16"... but remember that you've paid a lot to increase their mobility in this fashion (TTB4 for Unleashed and 3 for By My Will...)

The total distance you are permitted to move is MVx2. So if your MV at the start of your activation is 4, you get a total of 8". If it's 7, you get a total of 14".

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