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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:40 pm 
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One thing i have noticed (to piggy back of ADG_Wraith), this is something that I think the game does very very well, and that's how unit coherency works. Most basic troops have a leadership of 14-16 or some place in that area. So in theory a squad could cover an area 14-16 inches in diameter (though the typical 6" deployment zone does not allow for the best utilization of this). But one thing I've noticed, in my limited experience, is that most of the time all the players (all 4 of us at the shop) have their units deployed like Guard from 3rd ed in Close Order Drill.

I think this is mostly a hold over of old habits from other games we play but it is something that is important to correct in deployment. While having your troops concentrated does allow them the ability to focus their fire on a single target, it also leaves them vulnerable to RD and template weapons. On the flip side spreading your troops out allows them to cover more ground (seize or contest objectives, harass enemy units) and reduce the effectiveness of template weapons, this prevents you from bringing serious fire power into a fight as easily. We often play on a 4x4 table which may in turn cause us to want to keep our units closely grouped. Another thing that may prevent a person from spreading or interlocking units is that they may not want to have to go through the hassle of remembering which hussar is part of squad A or B as they may not have been painted with squad markings etc.

I do not believe that Sentry is any counter for early RD. In my case the odds are my Vulkan will be en route to target on my first activation, (so either the first or second activation of the whole game.), meaning that at most only one unit has any models in sentry. A FUG 300 or two could help, but that gets expensive fast and likely won't touch a vehicle. Early Warning System could also be of very little help. Most times your only counter to RD is a passive one in the form of dispersed troop formations, bait, or creating dangerous drop zones for your opponent.

I don't know. I don't feel RD is broken, but I don't feel that there is quite enough that someone can do against it? I don't buy the "They are reserve units how could they arrive on the first turn!" argument. I don't know.

duck_bird does bring up a good point though, if my opponent isn't having fun, I'm usually not either. Even more so if it's just a friendly pick up game. A tourny would be another story though.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:15 am 
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@Duck_Bird, fair enough. I just noticed it in the battle report so I thought I'd point it out, just in case you're experiencing tactics issue rather than gameplay.

I would agree that the current system for RD is poor, and there are some units that are over the top to the point of brokenness in abusing that poor system. Air Cav with shotguns are one of them, large squads of either Juggers or Vulkans are another. I, too, have had the experience of playing a game with quarters deployment where I was able to drop enough units into his packed troops and flame them to death to make it unfun (and I also promptly discontinued that tactic- I prefer Infiltrate units these days).

Warzone is a game of positioning to a far greater degree than most TT minis games in this scale. Between the deployment rules, facings and the need for straight line actions like Engage, movement and mobility options are very powerful things. Being able to mass-RD means you can dictate the location and shape of the battle, leaving your opponent without the initiative. If all you're doing is reacting rather than trying to push the game in your favoured direction, you're already not having fun.

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