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Mishima questions
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Author:  Arnd [ Wed May 27, 2015 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Mishima questions

Hi all,

I have some questions and hope you can help me.

Power of the Ox: A Squad Commander may be
given the Ki Power: ‘Power of the Ox’ for 10 Points.
‘Turn to Burn’ 2 Resource Cards to use this Ki
Power. If successfully cast, the Squad Commander’s
Close Combat Attack is AVV10 and RoA 3. The
RoA may not be increased by any means. The
Close Combat Attack gains the Critical Force (2)
Special Skill.

Q1: What is with the CCWR and strength, is it the same as the CC Weapon?
Power naginata
2 +3 2 5 Piercing
Is it after power of the ox
2 +3 3 10 Piercing Critical Force (2)

Q2: is critical force 2 right, the ki power seems like a anti vehicle power and should have critical Damage 2.

Hurricane of Destruction:
Tiger Dragon may allocate attacks in both his Front and Rear Facing.

Q: When a TD make a swing CC special attack, allocate he a d20 on every model in his ccwr, in front and rear?

Passive: Barrage from the Sky: Both the ‘Tambu no. 4
‘Windrider’ SMG’ and ‘Kunshu Dragon Flame Attack’ can
be fired as 1 Action at the cost of 2 Action Points.
Q:can I use only the Tambu no 4 or also a KI-Power (S)

Passive: Glide:
When making a Move Action the model
can make a Glide Action instead. Place the model making
the Glide Action anywhere on the battlefield within 7”. It
may not be placed on Impassable Terrain or inside any
Intact Structure. The Model making a Glide Action is not
affected by any negative Terrain modifiers. Turn to burn
1 Resource Card and spend 1 Action Point, the Model can
make an Engage Action using the Glide rules, with the
following exception: place model within 14”. The Model
gains Engage bonuses as normal.

Q: can I make a run glide action?

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