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PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:19 am 
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So, reading over the Bauhaus PDF, I came across this little beauty that had a very similar function to Cybertronic's Unblinking Eye active ability.

Fallschirm Piktogramm reads:

At the beginning of the Squad’s Activation and if the Controlling Player ‘Turns to Burn’ 2 Resource Cards a Fallschirm Piktogramm’ can be launched. The Squad ignores all negative LOS and Range Modifiers in play (but still needs LOS) until the end of the Game Turn.

While Unblinking Eye reads:

‘Turns to Burn’ 1 Resource Card. A Cuirassier ‘Atilla’ MK.III Squad can ignore any Strategy/Tactical cards and Skills that reduces their LOS or Range during their activation.

Do these two abilties actually differ at all? Unblinking Eye is pretty concrete on sources it counteracts (cards and skills) but Fallschirm Piktogramm seems to blanket any and all things that affect you range (unless LOS/Range Modifiers has a specific system meaning) though the inclusion of "in play" makes me think that it is probably closer to Unblinking Eye.

The main question here is does either on of these abilities effect Rapid Fire? Considering that I don't think Rapid Fire counts as a "Skill" I would assume the answer on that one is "no". But Fallschirm Piktogramm seems more vague in that regard. My heart says it is probably "no" as well.

Finally, how do either of these abilities interact with Alakhai's Summoning the Darkness ability which states:

Quote: Model has LoS further than 18” for the remainder of the Game Turn, this cannot be increased in any way.

How does the game handle an unstoppable force (Summoning the Darkness) meating an immovable object (Fallschirm Piktogramm/Unblinking Eye). My guess is Summoning probably counteracts these entirely since its language seems a bit more final. But this probably needs further clarification.

But I am intrigued to know if either of the abilities that counteract range modifiers do so for Rapid Fire.

Thanks for the help.

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