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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:05 am 
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Welcome to the Warzone Resurrection Official Working FAQ.

This is a 'living document' and will change every so often, things will be added when necessary.
If you have any questions or need some clarification, please PM them to me and I will add them to this document.

Rob Alderman

Warzone Resurrection Rulebook V1.1 (Updated December 2013)

Heroes of the Solar System
Q: How many weapons can I take when I make my own character?

Q: If I make a Psychic Warlord, what Psychic powers am I allowed to take?
A: You may only take Psychic Powers from your own army list. These cost the points listed for that army list. For example, a Brotherhood Hero of the Solar System may only take Brotherhood Psychic Powers. A Bauhaus Psychic Warlord is not allowed any Psychic powers, as there are no Bauhaus Psychic powers.

Advanced Game
Q: What does 'Bonded' mean?
A: A card which has 'Bonded: (X)' written on it may only be included in the deck if (X) is included in the army. The card may still be played during the game, even if (X) is removed from the game.

Q: Can I include any cards from any faction in my deck?
A: No, your deck must consist of only cards from your faction.

Q: If I am using a Cartel Agent, or models which are not from my Faction (such as Brotherhood Troopers in a Bauhaus army), can I use cards from those factions?
A: No, you may ONLY use the cards that came with those models or that are bonded to those models.

Bauhaus Army List
Q: Why can't Valerie Duval Rapid Deploy?
A: It just isn't her tactics. She can infiltrate though, just like the rest of the 7th Etoiles Mortants.

Capitol Army List
Q: How many Action Points (AP) do Purple Sharks have?
A: 3.

Mishima Army List
Q: What is the St of the 'Tambu no.4 Windrider SMG'? (Page 195)
A: This should be 11.

Q: Do the Kunshu Dragonriders ignore Terrain when they move?
A: At the moment no, but ANSWER PENDING.

Q: Meka has Pathfinder but all walkers ignore penalties for light terrain so unless it makes it immune to test AV after movement it is useless skill.
A: The rules for Walkers changed in the development stage to what you see today. Ignore the 'Pathfinder' Special Skill for the Meka.

Q: Why have Hatamoto lost their Invulnerable Armour in cc but Crimson Devils have it?

Q: Why is Hiroko is the only hero without Fearless.
A: Hiroko should have the Fearless Special Skill.

Q: Each Warlord/Lord can have up to 2 Ki powers. Hiroko already has his own Ki. Can he still buy 2 more from Ki list?
A: No, Hiroko must use the Ki Powers listed alongside his statline.

Q: Strike of the Panda has Critical Force (1). What is correct value for this Ki power?
A: Critical Force (2)

Q: The Dragonfire HMG is listed with different AVV values, which is correct?
A: They are all correct, use the AVV listed under the relative squad's weapon.

Q: Are Ceremonial Blades meant to have different stats in different unit entries?
A: Yes. Use the stat values listed under the relative squad's weapon.

Brotherhood Army List
Q: Just why is 'Escalation of Light' so overpowered? It seems very destructive...
A: Yes, indeed it is! However, remember that only 1 Psychic Shooting Attack can be made by a model per turn. Also, WP is used for RS when making this kind of attack and any Cover modifiers to RS are applied to WP instead. So it actually balances out.
the spell only bounces if the target survives the hit and not if it is reduced to 0 Wounds and removed from the game.

Other clarifications
Q: If a rule is described as 'ignoring Range or LOS modifiers', are rules such as Stalk and Void ignored?
A: No, something that ignores Range modifiers ignores something that specifically states the Range is modified. For example, Alakhai the Cunning's 'Summoning the Darkness' which reduces LOS, but it does not reduce the RANGE of a weapon. If a tactical card is played that reduces the target squad's weapon's Range, the Card is ignored.

Q: In (X) Squad's fluff, it says they have different weapons, equipment or tactics to the rules. Why is that?
A: It gives us breathing space for the future. We will be looking at more variants and upgrades in the future for these squads.

Q: How many points is completing the "corporate honour" Corporate Agenda mission since it is listed as (X) points.
A: The Corporate Agenda mission "corporate honour" is worth 5 mission points if completed.

Q: Tatsumoto's leap is listed a leap (x) what is the value of "x"?
A: Tatsumoto has leap (5)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:36 am 
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A few new rulings added.

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