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Author:  TheDungen [ Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Counts as

Lo folks, there has been three previous editions of warzone and a load of minitaures beign released for each edition, now it's understandable that it'll be a while before prodos can get around to publishing rules and models for all the old unit types. So here i thought we could discuss the wonderful art of counts as, which means letting a model with no current rules count as something with current rules. By duscussing what we let diffrent units count as we might be inspired to do similiar things ourselves.

I'll get started.

I have templars and an immaculate fury I plan on running the templars as praetorian stalkers and the fury as a razide.

Author:  Durandal [ Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Counts as

Well, considering that they were one of the only sources for ARG-17's, my Dragoons (wolfy variety) are getting called in to service as V-Rangers early on. I'll probably pretend they're the Order of the Wolf (with a more predatory bent to explain the commando-esque rules). If I am desperate, I can probably use my actual Venusian Rangers as camo-cloak versions (maybe... probably not).

Hussars and Ducal Militia will both get pressed in to service as Hussars. The heftier 2nd Edition Hussars will just be the cold-climate variety while the Ducals will be warm-weather/temperate troops.

My Vulcans will probably actually end up getting proxied as Juggernauts since the new Vulcan is quite a bit bigger than the old ones.

My old-school Hussar Kapitan with a Deathlockdrum is going to stand in for Max for now. And I may use my Jungle Kommandos as Etoiles Mortant for now.

I may also do the same with Blitzers in a pinch. Though they could also be Hussars with anti-personnel grenades as well.

Having a variety of minis will probably help represent Warlord-based squad upgrades as well. I could see using Ducal Militia as Hussars with "Flank Deployment" or "Schnell!Schnell!Schnell!". While the heftier 2nd Edition ones could represent troops armed for defensive lines (so Scout Training or Sandbag Equipment). Blitzers could be Hussars with AP grenades, Flank Deployment (representing air dropping them) and either Smoke Flares or Advanced HtH Training (to represent their Hellblazers in close).

For my Cybers, things are a tad easier.

My 2nd Edition Chasseur will probably get used as plain old Chasseur (until my new ones arrive, at which point they become Armoured Chasseur). My Shock Troops will probably get run as Mirrormen or Armoured Chasseur early on. My only big issue is that my Cyber collection was pretty small, so I have very little to represent an Everasseur or Immortal right now (so I will probably dip in to sources outside the WZ range).

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