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Unit Analyzed: Sacred Warriors
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Author:  FabsterPL [ Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Unit Analyzed: Sacred Warriors

In this short text I will try to give my impressions and ideas concerning Brotherhood units. Keep in mind that those are just my opinions (backed with only little experience) and they may change in the future. Most of the information given here is quite obvious but I hope that even more experienced players will find something interesting. I encourage you to leave comments and give your own ideas about presented units or units from other armies as well.

Before I start talking about statistics, skills and tactics I would like to emphasize that SACRED WARRIORS and INQUISITORS (and KEEPER OF TEH ART in the old days) are units that convinced me to chose BROTHERHOOD as my army. I am very impressed with the look of the new models, both as graphics and as miniatures themselves.

SACRED WARRIORS have the highest basic cost per model among any troops in the game, with some upgrades HEAVY INFANTRY and ARMOURED CHASSEURS may be more expensive. At the firs sight the cost of 28 points per model may sound a lot but as soon as you start to realize how much you get for the points you quickly come to the conclusion that it's real bargain:
- SACRED WARRIORS have no access to any range weapon as well as any shooting ART powers, it may sound as a disadvantage but the benefits they receive to compensate that are more than enough,
- They have highest CC (17) in the game among standard units, lower only in comparison to GUARDI OBLATI, VALERIE DUVAL and VESTAL LOURA and in par with CARDINAL DOMINIC, ANGELIKA DRACHEN and ALAKHAI THE CUNNING,
- WARRIRS have the highest IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (14) in the game, even in comparison with all the unique characters,
- even if SACRED WARRIORS are a few points more expensive than other “elite” troops, they are the only once that have W 2 , so (with exception of CRITICAL FORCE 2 attacks ) we could say that they cost 14 points per wound. In combination with IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR it makes them the most resilient unit in the game,
- as I said before, they can't threat enemies from distance but when they get to the enemy (and they probably will “.... Hell followed with him [them]......”. What do I mean by that: ST 14 (16 when they engage) ROA 3 and 85% chances of hitting. For 1 TTB whole unit gets +1 RoA and every model may further increase ROA by TTB 1. If that all weren't enough they can (and definitely will) have their ST increased by +4 which brings them to ST (18) CRITICAL FORCE (2) and when they engage ST (20) CRITICAL FORCE (4),
- they can have FEAR (0) but I don't really see any reason to waste TTB 1 on that action, so lets call it highly situational,
- if the IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (14) wasn't enough they also get HEAL for every unit member up to (6), this PASSIVE may influence how many models you would like to include in the squad,

Any unit have the option to upgrade the unit leader to INQISITOR for 30 points, giving the leader WP 18 increasing chances to cast art powers.

On the top of all the unit must take one ART power and may chose to take the second for 15 points each (with some exceptions). Depends on the type of warlord chosen the ART powers may differ being more, less or completely useless for a particular unit. Here are some options I think are more competitive than others:

ANY WARLORD, MIGHT OF RECONING – you may easily assume that this ART is part of the default setting of the unit, ST (18) is just too good
CC WARLORD or PS WARLORD, EMERALD BASTION – if I wanted to take second ART that would be an obvious choice. It increases the survivability of the unit by reducing enemies RS by 2 (or RS and CC with PS WARLORD), especially effective if more than one unit has this art since you can stack up to -4 RS.
CC WARLORD, CARDINAL'S SACRED DOMINION – if you want to add insult to the injury you can make them CC (19) (with one re-roll against LEGION)


SACRED WARRIORS aren't cheap, what is more they aren't effective against vehicles so I don't expect to see many units in the same army. What is more likely to see one solid unit at the forefront. For smaller points battles (700-1000) and taking into account HEAL ability I think 7 men squad (one above the limit to have some reserve) is valid option, with single ART they will cost 211 points it's decent part of the army but should pay off. For 1500 points games I would consider taking full squad (even with INQUISITOR just to make sure that MIGHT OF RECONNING will be activated when needed) but that will increase point cost tremendously.
Similarly to CC BROTHERHOOD TROOPERS the greatest nemesis o SACRED WARRIORS are RAPID DEPLOYMENT UNITS which negate IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR. The same as with TROOPERS I would suggest keeping some of the models behind front line facing backwards just to provide additional cover.
What is more any psychic power ignores IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR so you should always try to eliminate such a threat before it will cause much trouble.

I hope you enjoyed reading and please leave comments.

Author:  Fattyboom [ Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Sacred Warriors

Is it clarified that you can use inquisitors with them?
I read "beams of light" Brotherhood troop type squad commanders.
In one way it is the troop type, but one of the troops are called Brotherhood Troopers?
The wordings to me is confusing, though I am not the best at english either!


Author:  FabsterPL [ Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Sacred Warriors

Yes, you can. The wording may be confusing but "trooper" is the name of the unit and "troop" is the unit kind, and Inquisitors may be added to any of those.

The reason why you would like to do that is completly diffrent question.

Author:  Fattyboom [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Sacred Warriors

Ok :)

How is it with their power, is one free?

Author:  FabsterPL [ Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Sacred Warriors

Sebulba wrote:
Fattyboom wrote:
So the trooper unit buys the mandatory psychic power and when upgrading one to an inquisitor you get an additional for free?

No, inquisitor squads get one for free. Upgrading the trooper squad commander to an inquisitor still makes it a SW squad - so they have to pay.

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