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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:00 pm 

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Hey folks,

So I know I was going to pick up Mishima next, but my boyfriend ended up grabbing them, so I've just grabbed myself a shiny new Brotherhood list to assemble. While I'm working on that, I've got some questions about some of their play mechanics!

I think I'm going to use a psychic Inquisitor warlord and have her act as support/ranged fire. Do you know if the HOTSS brotherhood bonus "Protection of the Light" let me reroll psychic shooting attacks? Is that still considered a psychic test, or is it now a ranged skill test? If it lets me reroll a psychic shooting attack, it would be awesome to take. I think for warlord psychic powers, Emerald Bastion sounds good, and probably Ruby Light for some shooting goodness and to help kill vehicles.

Next, does anyone know how Spatial Warp Rift works? So you can have up to 4 tokens on the board... but do they re-activate? How often? Once per turn? When do they reactivate? I am not sure I understand this spell! Is it even worth taking? A strength 6 hit is going to be a big ol' +4 to everyone's armor test.... so not many people are going to fail that! Probably only useful if you can spam 4 tokens and they all activate every time you cast the spell. I am not sure!

How does Escalation of the Light work? If the first target dies, the spell ends? Would this only be worth firing at multi-wound models? Or is it simply strong because it's almost guaranteed to kill at least something?

How long does Winding Path of Confusion last? Does it expire at the end of the turn? Or would the target be afflicted for the rest of the game?

Finally for powers, what would you recommend taking for Judicators? It seems pretty obvious for other units. Troopers probably want Ruby Light, seeing as they can't harm vehicles otherwise. Sacred Warriors want Might of Reckoning for that hilarious Strength 18. And Valkyries almost certainly want Fire Flower to goomba stomp harder as they rapid deploy. But I am not sure what Judicators would want. Empathy maybe?

Would you want to take a Judicator with double guns? I feel like 10 shots would be almost crazy overkill! You'd be hard pressed to find troops clumped up enough that you're not putting 6+ shots into the primary target. Maybe to kill vehicles? I'll probably just magnetize the arms.

And lastly, I usually like armies with a lot of basic troops. So I'm aiming to have a lot of brotherhood troopers in my armies. Are scopes worth the 10 points? That's almost another trooper! +2 strength, +4 range, and the ability to ignore 1 piece of cover is nice... but for only 12 points I could get a whole extra body on the table. I am not sure if the scopes are worth the points. Thoughts?

All input is much appreciated. Thanks!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:01 am 
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Not a Brotherhood player, but I'll give these a go:

Protection of the Light: Correct. Reroll the Psychic Test just like rerolling an Armor Test or a RS Test. You get to reroll the WP Test used to determine whether or not you hit. Like you said, it's awesome.

Spatial warp rift: I'm not entirely sure on this one but I see a couple ways to interpret it:

The way I would like to read it: Rather than re-activating, they are "always on". Think of each token as a cactus grenade. You throw the grenade, it scatters, the a spikey cactus (the warp rift) appears and stays in play until destroyed that either can stun your enemy if you have a CC warlord, or autohit enemies for a Str 6 hit. Not enough to kill you most often, but enough to deter you from getting too close to it as a new piece of light terrain.

The other option is that the SE template is used only when it first lands. I do not read any way to "re-activate" the rift. Doesn't seem as fun to me though.

Escalation of the Light: It should be called "De-escalation of the Light"....
Yes, first target dies, spell ends (single -wound models).
It does one wound to multi-wound troops, then bounces to the next model within 3 inches.

Winding Path of Confusion dissapates at the end of the Game Turn, but it stacks if successfully cast on one target.

I'm not a Brotherhood player, so I'm not much help with your army list, but I could see myself taking the double guns on the Judicator. I wouldn't take the scopes at 10 each for the troopers though.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:40 pm 
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@Duck_Bird, some answers for you:

1) yes, a Psychic (S) attack is a Psychic test.
PS, Ruby Light is THE shooting power you want, especially with a Psychic WL. It's a psychic Rocket Launcher... the only downside is no Aim action will help you, and you can't TTB to increase ROF. However, you want to pick powers that suit your WL's build and battlefield role. An Inquisitor already has a good shooting weapon, so maybe you would prefer a couple of B/D powers to support it. Maybe consider The Persistence of Time- for a 0AP WP test, you can make that Psychic (S) or (D) attempt for 0AP, then move and hide or even engage and attack in CC!

2) This one isn't well written, but I'm sure it will be cleaned up in future. There are two key aspects to it- 1, it's a (D) psychic power, so you can shoot and still deploy a rift. 2, they are light terrain/cover, so they can be used to foul LOS for the enemy as well as that weak hit. In my opinion, it's not worth taking when you can take Emerald Bastion, which has no limit to the number that can be played, and while it has a shorter deployment range it does place instead of scattering.
The Rifts are permanent (they have SP), but the RAW state the effects only for deployment.

3) AcesHigh has it correct. It's a strong attack that will pass on if it doesn't kill its target until it does or runs out of targets. Multi-wound models are the exception, where you might injure several of them.

4) Page 67 of the main rules covers psychic powers. If not stated, Psychic (D) powers dissipate at the end of the game turn.

5) it depends on what you've equipped your Judicators with, and how many there are in your squad. I'll assume a gun and sword variant and only one of them. Might of Reckoning is a decent one if you're expecting to find big or well-armoured targets; Emerald Bastion is great cover (and 0AP to cast!); Vermillion Banner won't interfere with your shooting (as it's a (D) attack); but my favourite is The Visage of the Ghostly Light. It's a bit more expensive, but there is nowhere to hide.

6) Scopes are good, but generally you'd want to max out the number of squads you have and then their Art powers, then increase by a couple of bodies, and finally think about scopes. If you're planning to play defensively, they're great for making your castles more capable (and remember that the scope will potentially hang around a bit longer with Get the Gun), but if you're closing with the enemy they might not be so capable. They do bring two things to the battle that Psychic (S) powers do not- they can aim and TTB to increase ROF. Still, with AVV0 they're not that great at anything except picking off enemy infantry.

As an aside, if you're planning to play against your boyfriend's Mishima, it's worth noting what they will field. Like Bhood, Mishima under a Psychic or Ranged WL will use Psychic powers as their special weapons. However, you will be able to shut those down by taking WP-reducing debuffs (like Winding Path) or WP-increasing Buffs (Like Encouraged Corporeal Fortitude). You can also eliminate their squad leaders to kill off the powers, whereas he can't do the same to your squads.

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