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 Post subject: Unit Analyzed: Valkyries
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:15 am 

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In this short text I will try to give my impressions and ideas concerning Brotherhood units. Keep in mind that those are just my opinions (backed with only little experience) and they may change in the future. Most of the information given here is quite obvious but I hope that even more experienced players will find something interesting. I encourage you to leave comments and give your own ideas about presented units or units from other armies as well.

Next unit on the BROTHERHOOD list is VALKYRIE. This is the cheapest unit in the BROTHERHOOD army and one of the cheapest in the game, along with LIGHT INFANTRY. At first the page with VAKLYRIES was one of the pages that I skipped every time I was reading through the book, but the more I think about them the more I see some uses for them. So what exactly do we have here:
- as I just said, they cost only 11 points per model. We still have to remember about compulsory ART power, so the cheapest unit costs only 70 points,
- probably the biggest advantage of VALKYRIES (and at the same time, something that makes the stand out among BROTHERHOOD units) is RAPID DEPLOYMENT, apart from VALKERYIES only their leader LAURA an GUARDI OBLATI have access to that ability,
CC 15 and IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (12) against CC suggests that they should get into melee as soon as possible,
- one of the things that you should keep in mind is that they can take only one ART power, I assume that this limitation was made to avoid any OP RAPID DEPLOYMENT +2 ARTs combinations (as for now I failed to find them). Nonetheless, this rule makes the ART choice even more critical,

Lets see what ART powers are optimal with VALKERYIES. Depends on the type of warlord chosen the ART powers may differ being more, less or completely useless for a particular unit. Here are some options I think are more competitive than others:

ANY WARLORD, MIGHT OF RECONING – IMO the most obvious choice for this unit, this ART makes them ST (15) and with CC (15) gives them decent chances of killing whatever they have in range,
ANY WARLORD, RUDDY BLOOM OF THE FIRE FLOWER – flamer weapon in RAPID DEPLOYMENT unit is very interesting option, you can always try to place the unit leader in position to shoot ant the other models I CC for maximum effectiveness,
CC WARLORD, CARDINAL'S SACRED DOMINION – +2 CC is an option, but I thing it's worse than MIGHT OF RECONING since you still have only ST (11),
ANY WARLORD, FORTITUDE OF THE PENITENT – if anyone was interested in making VALKERYIES blocking unit this is probably the way to go. You get A (15), IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (12) against RS and IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (14) against CC, it may help keeping some annoying units busy for a round or two,
honorable mention CC WARLORD, THE PERSISTACNE OF TIME – if only RAPID DEPLOYMENT wasn't move action that ART would be really great gap closer after unfortunate scatter roll. You can still take it with RS WARLORD to RAPID DEPLOY behind enemy AIM for free and shoot with RS (15) and ST (13) pistols,


First of all I would like to warn any BROTHERHOOD players “ Do no try to compare VALKERYIES with ETOLILES MORTANT”. Every time you do you will find VALKERYIES waste of points. Despite the fact that both have common skill they should be treated in completely different way. ETOLILES may be used to perform surgical strikes where VALKERYIES should be used for mind games with the opponent. 40% chances of dropping where you want them is not something you can rely on but it is a threat that the enemy must keep in mind moving more vulnerable models (especially warlord) so IMO their biggest advantage is not what they do but what they might do. When you finally decide to drop them there shouldn't be difficult to find targets worth killing and then die (hopefully slowly) engaging as much opponent's forces as possible. Sometimes it may be more beneficial just to keep them close to heavy shooting models to prevent them from doing what they can do best, how funny would that be to see ORCA fighting with some annoying VALKERYIES for a round or two. (EDIT: when it comes to survivability it is always worth remembering that their attacks STUN so to retaliate models hit must burn cards for extra actions.)

I don't think that I would find points to field them in 750 – 1000 points games but for 1500 points its only 5% of the army so even if they don't to much it's not a big loss.

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