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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:25 am 

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In this short text I will try to give my impressions and ideas concerning Brotherhood units. Keep in mind that those are just my opinions (backed with only little experience) and they may change in the future. Most of the information given here is quite obvious but I hope that even more experienced players will find something interesting. I encourage you to leave comments and give your own ideas about presented units or units from other armies as well.

MORTIFICATORS bring to the BROTHERHOOD a few interesting and unique options. They are one of only few units with BLAST type attack (which is especially effective against most troops) and the only BROTHERHOOD unit with PATHFINDER and INFILTRATE, which make them very tricky unit to use efficiently. From the points and function point of view they stay in par with VENUSIAN RANGERS or MARTIAN BANSHEES (each of them is tailored to fulfill specific function in the army). Lets focus on what MORTIFICATORS have to offer:
- RS and CC (16) means that they are well prepared for both long range and close quarters combat,
- the combination of CAMOFLAGE (2) and INFILTRATE means that they should be quite difficult to hit by the enemy models by reducing their RS by 6-8 points (or even more in some preferable circumstances),
- DODGE is another means to make MORTIFICATORS “resilient” to death, it is the only way in the game that allows a unit to have three separate rolls to avoid being killed (dodge/armour/heal- from ART power),
- on first sight BLESSED FRAGMENTATION GRENATES may not seem too impressive but if you keep in mind that their RANGE (based on ST) my be increased up to R (14) you soon realize that it is much more interesting option than PIRANHA HANDGUN,
- on the other hand VOID may seem so powerful ability, but try not to overestimate it, I agree that it is very interesting asset in assassins' arsenal but using it the right way may cause some serious problems. First of all, if you decide to use VOID early in the round MORTIFICATORS stop being threat for that particular round. On the other hand if you wait too long with activating them (hoping for any enemy units to get into shooting or engage range) you may give your enemy time to kill enough models to make them ineffective . If you play carefully you may want to start every round with MORTIFICATORS and VOID and wait for the right moment to strike, for the first few turns it shouldn’t be a problem but later you may find yourself in a situations that activating other unit first could be more beneficial. Last but not least, all the opponent has to do is to place a single model in CCRW of A MORTYFICATOR just before the end of the round to prevent them form vanishing the following round (you must either activate other unit and try to kill the engaging model or activate them and attack, both are lose- lose situations). By no means it is useless skill, just do not rely on it too much, it may hurt,

Just like (almost) any other BROTHERHOOD unit MORTIFICATORS must take one ART power, here are some option that IMO are more useful than others for that particular unit:

CC WARLORD, CARDINAL'S SACRED DOMINION – not only increases their (already impressive) CC up to (18) but gives them IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (10) against shooting, very interesting option with offensive and defensive potential,
ANY WARLORD, EMERALD BASTION – that is probably one of the most interesting choices for MORTIFICATORS, any ability that reduces enemy's chances to hit is just great with that unit. This art is hardly worth taking when you play RANGE WARLORD,
ANY WARLORD, GUIDED BY THE CARDINAL'S FORESIGHT – this ART is the way to give MORTIFICATORS the third save roll, it may hurt them at the end of the round but with DODGE and ARMOUR roll you have slightly over 75% surviving the auto-hit,
ANY WARLORD, MIGHT OF RECKONING – this one is quite obvious, ST (16) or ST (18) ENGAGE makes it easy to kill in CC, CON (19) makes climbing very easy, On the top of that this ART makes grenades R (14),
ANY WARLORD, FORTITUDE OF THE PONITENT – another way to make MORTIFICATORS more resilient, with this ART you have statistically 75% (or more if enemy's attack was less than ST (15)), which is equivalent of IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (15). In my opinion this is the most powerful ART they can get,
ANY WARLORD, THE RUDDY BLOOM OF THE FIRE FLOWER – I personally wouldn't take this ART but INFILTRATING units may quite easily find themselves in position to use flamers with good effect,


I said before that MORTIFICATORS are very tricky units to use. I think that more than any other unit in BROTHERHOOD army they are scenario, terrain and situation dependent. It is very easy to put them in the position where they won't have enough impact on the game to pay off and it will be difficult to place them in the suitable position later during the game. I didn’t bother listing many PSYCHIC (S) powers because I think that what they are equipped with is enough to deal with enemies and to emphasize all the defensive abilities of this unit. BASTION/FORTITUDE or SACRED DOMINION/FORTITUDE are probably the strongest defensive combinations you can have on this unit giving them enormous chances of survival or MIGHT/FORTITUDE making them both offensive and defensive unit. Due to their passive TRUE ASSASSINS they may not control objectives or zones but it doesn't mean that they can't do just that. On the contrary, all you need to do is to place them near any objectives your opponent wants and see how much effort it will take him to get what he wants. This is probably what they have been designed for, just find them nice HARD COVER and wait for the enemy to come close enough to throw some grenades or to engage. If possible avoid placing them in front units able to shoot multiple times during the round but rather in front of units that have small number of quality shots. Because some unlucky rolls can easily reduce them below combat effectiveness I would always take some extra unit members, even as far as full squad with two ART powers just to maximize the efficiency. The squad of ten members is 230 points but I think the right size would be 8-9 models for 190-210 points (with 2 ARTS).
Do not expect them to survive until the end of the game or even to kill enough models to compensate the cost of the unit but if MORTIFICATORS turn enough attention to allow your other units control important objectives they will do their job.

I hope you enjoined reading and leave comments, please.

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