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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:36 pm 

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Here is the list of Brotherhood cards. Rob Alderman mentioned on one of his interviews that the list will be available on the website so in time this list will became completely useless. Until that time any person interested in learning the cards will have a chance here. There are some ?? in places where I can't give the info since I don't posses the cards so if anyone could send me PM with the missing details I would be really grateful.

How to read the description:

PURGATION OF THE UNHOLY S/3R/3 – Fearless enemy models engaged with ant Brotherhood models when "Holy Purge" is played take a ST7 Plasma Autohit at the end of their activation.
BLESSED SERENITY T/1R/3 – The targeted non-Hero Squad cannot use any Psychic Powers.
EXPLOSION OF BLINDING LIGHT S/1R/3 -The Squad targeted by “Explosion of Blinding Light” cannot use any Active or Passive Skills.

FERVENT WRATH B/G/3R/1 - Every Model in the Squad receives +2 Modifier to CC.
FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIES B/S/3R/2 - Every Brotherhood non-Vehicle Model on the Battlefield receives a +3” Modifier to Engage Action.
PURITY OF THE VESTALS B/T/3R/2 - Every Model in the Squad receives a +2 Modifier to Armour Value against Ranged Attacks.

IMPERIOUS AUTHORITY B/S/3R/2 – Every Brotherhood non-Vehicle model on the battlefield receives a +2 modifier to ST to Ranged Attacks.
INQUISITOR'S BLESSING B/T/2R/2 – Heal rolls cannot be made against Ranged Attack made by the Squad affected by this card.
PURGATION B/G /2R/1 – Enemy Models finishing their Activation within B2B contact with a Model affected by this card receive S10 AVV1 Blast Autohit.

BLINDING INTERFERANCE B/S/3R/2 - All enemy Vehicles loses one Action Point at the beginning of their activation.
CRUCIFIER'S BATTLE-FOCUS B/G/1R/1 - The Squad gains a +2 Modifier to Armour Value against Ranged and Close Combat Attacks and a -3 to WP.
EXPOSURE TO DARK SECRETS B/T/2R/2 - The Squad counts its Front Armour Modidier as Rear Modifier.

STRENGTH OF FATE T/2R/3 – Every Model in the Squad gains Fearless Special Skill. CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ON TROOPS TYPE SQUAD.
FORESIGHT T/1R/3 – Every Model in the Squad gains the Target Senses Special Skill.
CALL FOR GLORY T/2R/3 – Every Model in the Squad gains Heal (5). In the subsequent Control Phase, every Model in the Squad takes a St10 Blast Autohit with Critical Damage (2). Heal rolls cannot betaken against the Autohit. CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ON TROOP TYPE SQUAD.

SHIELD OF LIGHT G/3R/1 – The Squad receives a +1 to Modifier to Armour Value and Impenetrable Armour.
PLACEBLE VIGOUR T/1R/2 – The Squad receives the Relentless Special Skill.
EMBOLDENED SOUL S/3R/2 – Every Squad of Sacred Warriors (friend or foe) on the Battlefield ignores the Critical Force (x) Special Rule.

STRIKE UNTO THE DARKNESS S/3R/2 – Wound Effects caused by a CC or RS roll of 1 – 10 against Model with the Fearless Special Skill gain Critical Force (2) and Critical Damage (2). This rule has no effect if the Wound Effect/SP Damage was caused by a Squad Special Action.

PURGE THE DARKNESS G/3R/1 - An AC-31 Cleansing Flamethrower Range is upgraded from SFT to FT. CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ON SQUAD OF VALKYRIES.
MIRAGE S/3R/2 – Range of all Ranged Weapons is reduced to a maximum of 20” and cannot be increased by any means.

DIVINE INTERVENTION S/3R/2 - Every Model Using Rapid Deployment takes a St10 AVV0 Piercing Autohit at the end of their Activation.
SURGICAL STRIKE T/1R/2 - The Squad gains a +2 Modifier to CC, RS, Con and WP. Can only be played on Squads of Mortificators.
MARTIAL FOCUS G/1R/1 - Every Model in the Squad gains +2 modifier to the St of its Close Combat Weapon, but cannot complete any Ranged Attacks.


PROTECTIVE GLARE S/3R/3 – All Vehicles on the Battlefield can ignore Critical Damage (x) rule.
FAR REACH OF THE RIGHTEOUS T/1R/3 – AC-100 Crusader Cannons receives a +2 Modifier to R. CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ON SQAUD OF JUDICATORS.
UNRELENTING SLAUGHTER OF SIN G/2R/3 – Armour tests and Heal rolls cannot be taken against Wound Effects inflicted by the Retaliator Broadsword. CAN ONLZ BE PLAYED ON A SQUAD OF JUDICATORS.


SACRAMENT OF ABSOLUTION T/1R/3 – Remove a Tactical Card from Play.
ABOLISH T/2R/3 – Each Wound Effect taken by a Model with the Fearless Special Skill in the targeted Squad gains Critical Force (2).
rolls cannot be taken against Wound Effects inflicted by the Squad targeted by Bullet of Justice.
BRINGERS OF THE FAITH T/3R/3 – Any successful Heal rolls made by any enemy Model with the Fearless Special Skill must be rerolled.
RIGHTEOUS STRENGTH T/2R/3 – Squad targeted by “Righteous Strength” gain a +2 Modifier to St when Engaged.
HALLOWED GROUND S/3R/3 – The targeted Model targeting a Brotherhood Model with Ranged Attack receives -2 Modifier to RS.
STONE LEGS T/2R/3 – Every Model in the Squad gains the Relentless Special Skill.
DAY OF JUDGEMENT T/2R/3 – Place a 30mm token anywhere on the Battlefield. Any Brotherhood Model within 3” of the token that is removed from the Game as a Casualty causes a St12 AVV0 Blast Autohit to all Models within 1” of the removed Model.
CARDINAL'S SACRED GUIDANCE T/1R/3 – The target Squad's Psychic Ranged Attack of Type (S) has its Range Modified by +2”.
PSYCHIC AEGIS S/1R/3 Every Brotherhood Model on the battlefield receives a +2 Modifier to WP.
CARDINAL'S PRAYER OF REPENTANCE T/1R/3 – Remove a Strategy Card from Play.
BLESSED ARMOUR G/3R/3 Every Model in the Squad receives a +1 Modifier to Armour Value.
BANISHMENT OF IMPURE VISIONS G/3R/3 – Every Model in the Squad receives a +1 Modifier to RS.
INSPIRED CHARGE T/1R/3 – Every Model in the Squad receives a +1 Modifier to St.

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PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2014 5:58 pm 

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Brotherhood cards spoiler is (more or less) ready, so it is time to prepare some samples of decks. Here is one of the options I'm thinking about ta the moment. It will require some money to be full but it should be worth it.

Before I start with the cards I would like to remind two rules that the deck will base on:

1: it is stated in the FAQ that if there is an enemy model in combat with my model and I place a flame template on both models they both get two wound effects.

2: it was stated somewhere in the rules section (but I just can't find it at the moment) that if you add Critical Force/Damage (x) to a weapon that already has that trait it will stack up to maximum of Critical Force/Damage (4).

One would think that Brotherhood cards would focus on giving some kind of blessing or buffs to the army rather that making the opponents game more difficult. The truth is completely opposite, there are some (more or less) interesting cards that support your own models but majority of them are used to make the game a real nightmare to the enemy.
Apart form the basic restrictions you have while creating the deck (that is 5 tactical, 3 strategies and gear of the same type) always keep in mind the restrictions during the game (that is 1 strategy at the same time, 1 tactical per unit at the same time, 3 gear in game). These restrictions should more or less dictate how many cards of the three types you will include in the deck:

GEAR – I decided to include six gear cards, you can only have three in game at the same time, but you can decide to discard any of them at any time so you always have the option what to chose:

3x SHIELD OF LIGHT- this card is quite obvious choice. Armour Value means nearly nothing (since most of the enemies will be able to reduce the armour to impenetrable value) with the exception of GUARDI OBLATI (they will get A19/IA11), but being able to increase IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR by 1 is A MONSTER. Sacred Warriors with IA (15) front, or my favourite Cardinal Dominic with IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR (17) means 85% of surviving Nuclear Holocaust.
3x BANISHMENT OF IMPURE VISIONS – being able to increase RS of the whole unit is always a good thing, even if it is only +1. Preferable targets: Inquisitors and Judicators, the bigger the unit the better the effects.

STRATEGY – with the limit of only one Strategy cards in game at the same time there is no reason to invest too much in them, I decided to include 9 copies in the deck:

3x PSYCHIC AEGIS - +2 WP across the board means that all your Psychic powers have 10% better chances of working, you may treat is like AIM for your Rubby Lights. Even if you didn't cast a single Psychic power that round it will block enemy strategy for a single resource point, always a win-win scenario.
3x STRIKE UNTO THE DARKNESS – along with gear cards this is the most expensive card in the deck, but the effect is devastating. It works only on Fearless models but guess what: warlord and lords are fearless, all vehicles are fearless, most of the support units are fearless as well so this requirement is very easy to meet. On the top of that, with all the heavy and light covers on the board you will need less than 10 to hit the target so every hit will be critical. And if you combine it with weapons that have Critical on their own you will get Critical (4) which means one shot most light vehicles and warlords. The very important thing is it works with RS and CC attacks, not with WP so no Critical Force (4) and Critical Damage (4) Rubby Light unfortunately :)
3x EXPLOSION OF BLINDING LIGHT – another example of Brotherhood's malice. If there is a unit with very nasty skills just put Blinding Light on it and problem solved. On the first sight it may not seem too powerful but if you think more this card is just crazy. No matter how powerful the unit is that card will reduce it to cannon fodder for a whole round. Critical immunity is a passive so you can again one shot Machinators or Preatorian. My question is: is shielded or guarded passive or active skill :D :D On the top of that all this is another one resource cost card that prevents your opponent from using strategy cards for a round.

TACTICAL – since you can use them as often as you can afford they should build the majority of the deck. In this example there are twenty of tactical cards:

5x CARDINAL'S PRAYER OF REPENTANCE and 5x SACRAMENT OF ABSOLUTION – I just can't imagine a Brotherhood player going into any competitive game without these 10 cards. That is a complete no-brainer and absolute “must have” in every deck. Every time an enemy uses any strategy or tactical card that would hurt you, it should be discarded. Just like any Magic player fears blue deck having a Dispel card in hand, the same way every Brotherhood opponent should think twice before using any card knowing that it may be removed. What is very important is the fact that they both cost only a single recourse to use so in most situations you will be in resource advantage.
5x CALL FOR GLORY – I would like to start every game with two of those in my hand. One may ask why I want to give my troops Heal 5? Well, I don't. I just want to force autohits on my opponent's models. Troops are usually vulnerable to BLAST damage, so there is a decent chance that some of them will die before the real fight, the bigger the unit the more chances to kill some models. This card becomes less useful later during the game so I may conciser reducing their number when I get some more experience with the deck.
5x ABOLISH – another card that gives Critical Force (2) to the Brotherhood arsenal. It works only a single Fearless model so the best targets are Warlords, Lords and Support units leaders (because if you hit the leader it will become critical before being transferred to other models). Abolish may be replaced by other cards if you think that there is enough Critical hits in the army especially if your force is focused on a particular unit, then you may conciser putting in a card that would support that unit.

Resource distribution: 1R – 16 cards, 2R – 10 cards, 3R – 9 cards. It seems to be quite cheap deck to use but I don't have enough experience with other armies to say for sure.

As you can see most of the cards either target enemy units or make them less effective by removing any cards that would support them. IMO messing with your opponent's cards is very strong strategy because it prevents him from doing what he would like, therefore putting him in a very uncomfortable position.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the Brotherhood options, all of the Crucifier cards are just great and if you decide to include on of them in the army you should definitely put some of his cards in the deck.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and please leave comments.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:00 pm 

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This is one awesome card list. Have you received the Mortificators card list since you posted this?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:50 pm 

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The list has been updated, now we have to wait for the Oblati :D

PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:28 am 

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Sweet! ... And the Icarus... This saves me from having to wait for my recent order to arrive.

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