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Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati
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Author:  FabsterPL [ Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

In this short text I will try to give my impressions and ideas concerning Brotherhood units. Keep in mind that those are just my opinions (backed with only little experience) and they may change in the future. Most of the information given here is quite obvious but I hope that even more experienced players will find something interesting. I encourage you to leave comments and give your own ideas about presented units or units from other armies as well.

GUARDI OBLATI serve as bodyguards of the WARLORD and as close quarters threat to the enemy units. They are (as for now) very enigmatic since we haven't had an opportunity to see how they will look like and I'm very curious of their HELLVATICAN FISTS that are a flamethrower a handgun, a blade and a hammer at the same time. Because of their unique abilities and weaponry it is very difficult to compare them with any other units in the game. So what do we get for 50 per model:
- from the statistics point of view GUARDI OBLATI are total beasts, CC (18) means that they have 90% 'to hit' chance, at the same time when they are attacked they reduce enemy's CC by (2),
- they have the most devastating anti-vehicle weapon in BROTHERHOOD arsenal, two AVV (7) shots with CRITICAL DAMAGE (2) that can be fired from both HELLVATICAN FISTS mean the potential of (8) damage per model, of course this is only theory. In practice R (6) and RS (12) mean that we will not have many chances to see such devastation,
- against troops their best solution is dual ST (14) BLAST Flamer (which negates their moderate RS). With both range options they tend to generate about 12” zone in which no enemy would like to be,
- A (18/10) and CRITICAL FORCE immunity provides great survivability, especially important when we use them in their primary role as the warlord's meat shield,
- thanks to HOLY GUARDIAN passive they increase warlord's SHIELDED ability range from 2” to 6” which gives the opportunity to spread the army a little more than usual, but what is more important it gives them option to RAPID DEPLOY without using the standard RAPID DEPLOYMENT rules,
- all the great assets come with high price, GUARDI OBLATI may never take nay ART power nor may benefit from any effects provided by art (such as BASTION). They must stay within 9” the warlord or they will become treated out of coherency and they explode (ST (12) PIERCING) as soon as the warlord is removed from the battlefield. Finally they must be activated right after the warlord unless they have been already activated during the round,

There is no doubt that all the impressive statistics and weapons wouldn't be so strong if they could take ART powers and it's hard to decide whether it is for their good or bad.


The first thing you should consider is the number of GUARDI OBLATI in the army. They aren't cheap models and they are effective only on short range so for the first few round you will not use the most of them. IMO the best option is to take just one unit of two models just to give the enemy something to think about and not invest to much points.
There are a few interesting tactics that can be used with GUARDI OBLATI. First of all thanks to RAPID DEPLOYMENT they can always be dropped behind enemy lines to try to eliminate some nasty units. The problem with this action is that after initial attacks they will be considered out of coherency with warlord and therefore useless for the next rounds. It is likely that any RAPID DEPLOYLENT unit will not live long enough to get second activation but with them it is even worse since the enemy knows that they won't do anything the following rounds he doesn't have to kill them immediately if he has better targets [EDIT: You can still TTB1 to give them extra action after running, so they are able to perform CC or Ranged attack]. With LD (18) and 40% of landing where you want is probably the bast chance any unit (without any special skills) can offer if you feel lucky it may be worth doing so.
The easiest you can do with GUARDI OBLATI is to deploy them on the battlefield from the very beginning of the game so that they could protect the warlord from the beginning of the game. It isn't bad idea but this way you remove some of the elements of surprise, therefore you make the game easier for the opponent.
There is one particular situation where they can be used in very effective way. Lets imagine the situation where your opponent still has a very dangerous unit in reserve just waiting for your warlord to expose himself. The warlord is surrounded by some “guarding” units well enough to prevent any effective drops and assassination attempts but you want to move him to more suitable position. Here is the problem, if you move the warlord first and then the guarding unit there will me a single enemy activation when the leader is exposed. The same will happen if you move the guards first and the warlord later, the opponent will again have one activation to use RAPID DEPLOYLENT and potentially kill him. GUARDI OBLATI can save you a lot of hard thinking in such a situation. Their WHERE NEEDED MOST skill allows them to be deployed at the end of the warlord's activation so there is no situation that he is vulnerable to the enemy attack. They are the only unit in the game that can that and there are only a handful of other tricks that can be used to save warlords from RAPID ASSASSINATIONS (I will try to give some examples in warlord/lord section).

I hope you enjoyed the text and write your comments and suggestions, please.

Author:  Korcheski [ Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

I had my first major experience with the Guardian Oblati and I must say I was insanely impressed with their performance. I added them to the list solely as protection for my warlord (Hamilkar in this case). Their only goal in life was to protect Hamilkar, and they did so in spades. I lost them by the end of turn 2 only after taking 24+ shots from Purple Sharks and 6 shots from the Blue Shark. Honestly it was a lucky series of 1s that spelled their doom. Had they not died that round I have no doubt the Purple Sharks would have been removed from the game post haste.

I think i will keep them at roughly 2 per 1000pts in a game. I also think i will try to keep them and the warlord behind either a unit of Sacred Warriors or Troops with Guardian Shield. I think the insanely good close range weapons are kind of a trap right now, at least until the cards come out. They shine very well when it comes to protecting your Warlord and the precious resources they bring to the table.

Author:  Axelius [ Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

You think their usefulness would change in an Imperial army? Rist has a special ability that lets him take a two man unit of them with him as a Support option. Is the fact that you can take them a pro for taking Rist? I guess this could be combined with a unit of Troopers with Guardian Shields or Blood Berets with Chain Rippers as Korcheski suggested.

Author:  Korcheski [ Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

In my opinion, I think Rist would benefit from having 2 as his guards. It is like giving him an extra 4 wounds that can really bite your opponent back. People may say that other models could do the same, but not many other models have a base 18 save and insane CC weaponry.

Author:  FabsterPL [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

In Brotherhood you can do without them by taking Sacred Warriors or Shielded Troopers as Warlord bodyguards but Imperial doesn't have units that would do the same thing as well as GO, SW or TR. Lions or Berets tend to be at the enemy throat rather that nursing the warlord, trenchers may be more difficult to hit (because of cover modifier) but they can't have IMPENETRABLE ARMOUR.

In Brotherhood they are just an interesting option, with Rist the are nearly "must have" unit.

Author:  Dunnagh [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

They remind me a bit of Stalkers, who have an excellent AV flame thrower that is useless against infantry (and obviously low on range, too).
Take 2 Oblati, rapid deploy them anywhere near a vehicle
Thats 8 shots with AVV 7 - the only letdown here is the low RS of 12, meaning of the 6 shots only 4,8 actually hit. (still, AVV 7 and Crit Damage (2)). With a bit of luck and standing in the back of the vehicle this can work.

The problem with being out of coherency is that they cant really do anything else unless you manage to get them into CC first (where their CC value us halved, still 9). If you dont, they run towards the Warlord (I suppose) - but you still could ttb for 1 AP and shoot. At least I didnt find anything to prove they cant.

Author:  FabsterPL [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

Dunnagh wrote:
The problem with being out of coherency is that they cant really do anything else unless you manage to get them into CC first (where their CC value us halved, still 9). If you dont, they run towards the Warlord (I suppose) - but you still could ttb for 1 AP and shoot. At least I didnt find anything to prove they cant.

Very interesting suggestion, I haven't found anything that suggests you couldn't so I will update the first post (at least until somebody proves that you can't) ;)

Author:  Korcheski [ Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

Keep in mind most vehicles are going to give you a +4 to RS/CC due to bulky.

I am still not convinced it is worth DSing the Oblati...first of all hoping they don't roll 20. Then most likely they won't make it back to the Warlord in most cases without getting ventilated. I believe you can T2B to give one more AP, but the range of their weapons so ridiculously short, and if you are close enough to an enemy to shoot you are most likely about to get shot/engaged.

Finally i think it is a mistake to think they are only OK for the Brotherhood. As a lethal shield they can keep your army running in ways that the Sacreds or Sword & Board troopers can't.

Author:  nyrian [ Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

could i ask a question to do with oblati, if i were to have an infiltrating warlord. if i activated him first could i TTB the obliati to rapid deploy on him as per there rules if so i have a fiendish idea on what to do for these, if not i can always come up with something else. :)

i have made a custom warlord mortificator that i want to test out.

Author:  FabsterPL [ Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unit Analyzed: Guardi Oblati

Yes, you can do that, you can even drop them with Rapid Deploying warlord if you want, they jus come ant the end of warlord's activation. That is very interesting army list: warlord + 18 oblati dropping rigt in front of the opposing army.

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