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Capitol 35 card deck
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Author:  Joken [ Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Capitol 35 card deck

As the title suggests I'm trying to put together a 35 card 'average' Capitol deck for a 1000pt force from which I can swap in/out bonded cards as required.

As a golden rule I haven't picked cards that injure my team's when used, that's my opponent's job.

So in Alphabetical order:

Bolster Forces x3 = always good to welcome back the fallen
Camp Netting x3 = I take Sealions and this spreads the stealth
Capitolian Smoke Screen x2 = great unit buff
Cautious Tactics x3 = again spreading the stealth
Death-mask x2 = buff for the Banshees
Enhanced vision Goggles x2 = great for closer quarter shooting in built-up areas
Field Mechanic x2 = a little extra for the Orca
Fog Bomb x2 = just in case a squad is caught in the open
Hardknutt Injection x2 = small squad buff
Gas Bomb x2 = area denial options
Martian quake x3 = great for slowing down enemy units
Profitable x2 = ideal for getting back what you've already used
Rifle Drill x3 = improving ranged weapon strength, what's not to like?
Telescopic Sight x3 = +2 to range, not sure about this one?
52FE Sand x1 = blocks enemy use of terrain

9 strategy cards so I should have something decent to play if I win the initiative.

I've not used cards yet and so have I missed something great?

Welcome some thoughts


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