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PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:02 am 
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Joined: Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:46 pm
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Sooo, let´s start with a short introduction before I get to the real deal;

We (that is me and those poor bastards I call my friends who I pulled into warzone) bought some starters and additions on last years "Spiel 2014", that´s a big german game fair.

I had looked at the Warzone Miniatures for a while allready back then, but decided to go for it once the AvP KS launched because I really wanted to play "Alien vs Predator vs Terminator" (vs marines, but everybody forgets about them anyways).

And after that, nothing more happend for .. well, up to now.
We got carried away with the new Edition of Infinity around Cristmas, played some Relic Knights inbetween and some awesome Board Games and never really managed to get a game of Warzone going.

That all changed last Friday when I started to put together my Cybertronic Starter, speedpainted the first few guys (god that Exterminator is a great mini) and forced my friends to do the same to their starters.

On the following saturday we had our first few games and it was fun.
Not the kind of, "yeah that was fun, now to something else", more like, "yeah that was fun, lets do it again!"

So, as we stumbled through the rulebook (oh boy is that hard to follow/unorganised for our liking), a questions appearde I couldn´t find a solution to, so I would like you guys to help me out with:

Does healing stack up to the max. of 8?
Like Dr. Diana Commander giving Heal (2) to everybody around her, having a Dr. Diana Lord in a Chasseur Squad handing out heal (4) and burning a Card to get additional heal (3)?
Would I get heal (9) [reduced to the max of heal (8)] or would I be stuck with the highest possible heal from a single source, so heal (4) from the Lord´s Medic (4)?

As I´m currently mainly playing with Chasseurs and Dr. Diana in her many incarnations, this comes up every game, every turn, a few times :D

So now to a short overview over the three games so far:

First game was against Dark Legion:
2 Squads of Undeadead Leagionnaires led by Mutants, 1 Razide and a Golgatha Warlord
1 Squad Chasseurs, 1 Squad Armored Chasseurs, the Exterminator and Dr. Diana Warlord.

We just deployed on our board edge and played to the death.
Unfortunately that led to a big clump of troops in the very centre of the table.
My chasseurs cut through those undead like a hot knife throug butter but got roastet by a flame template attack from Golgatha.
Hero of the day was the Exterminator, with increased Rof and rail-trait he cut down everything appearing before him without suffering to much damage himself.

In the end Cybertronic won with a few scattered A.Chasseurs and the Exterminator still standing barely scratched.

Second Game was against Bauhaus:
2 Squads of Hussars with rocket launchers, 1 Battlesuit all led by Max Steiner
the same as above, I dind´t changed anything as I wanted to get a grip on the basic stuff first.

Game was a bloody slaughter with honorable mentioning of the Exterminator (again) who single handed managed to take out the Battlesuit and a squad of hussars while eating rockets, Anti Armor LMG rounds and rifle fire alike.
He was badly wounded with only one Sp left in every location except legs who had 2 left.
On the other flank Dr. Diana Ticker Overdosed Max Steiner in CC only to see the Hussars gunning down the regular and A. Chasseurs alike (lots of 1´s thrown by my opponent)

After a few more rounds of heavy fire on both sides the dust had settled and only one Hussar was standing facing a very angry (and unwounded) Dr. Diana and an Exterminator pointing his hmg at him.

Second win for Cybertronic even though we made an awefull lot of mistakes (buying extra actions for our vehicles, moving/charging 3 times our move value, forgetting that blast ammo reduces armor greatly on troops etc.). Still we had a blast (hehehe) playing.

Third game was a very small intro game for my wife, who wanted to test the rules as the will gonna get all the aliens from the KS. We played 1 Squad of Chasseurs and 1 Squad of A.Chasseurs each. I got my ass handed, so thats the first loss, but as she played cybertronic too (with my minis) that technically counts as a win also ... yeah I keep telling myself that :lol:
Anyway she loves the simple rules and can´t wait to get her fingers on the aliens to "violate your face with facehuggers" ... I think I need more guns..

Next game, probably this Friday, will be against our Imperial player.

The last thing missing now is pictures of my guys and gals but my camera is not working right now, so maybe later that week I get fix that.

Anyways, Warzone could easily become my next favorite game as it´s easy and fast enough to play, the miniatures are great, the price is great and I love my terminators :)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:02 am 
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Joined: Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:46 pm
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Sooo, after some list building I found myself wondering, is it worth it to take the weapon upgrades an the Chasseurs and armored Chasseurs.

And I´m not talking Rocket Launcher here, that thing is usefull and nasty, I´m talking about the Blaster for the Chasseurs and the LMG for the a. chasseurs.

The Chasseurs Blaster seems ok, for 8 points I lose 6" range but get +2 St, Plasma instead of piercing and ttb (1) for additional rail fun.
Seems ok at first glance, especially for the rail shenanigans, I learned to love with my Exterminator.
But on the flipside, I usually use them to out range and outgun my opponents troops (who are prone to blast most of the time so plasma is not that usefull).
So losing that 6" in range might hurt more than the rest is usefull.

The LMG on the a. Chasseurs is an other case, for 20 points (just 5 points short to another a.Chasseur) I get +1 St, +1 RoF, plasma and ttb(1) rail.
So far seems like a little bit overpriced but ok, and rail is fun anyways.
But losing the smg and therefore the binary weapon passive trait seems like a bad traitoff.
At least for me, a.chasseurs are not about 'stand and shoot' but more about 'blink-in and combi blast everything'.
That and that I could get 4/5 of an extra a.Chasseurs (who would be more usefull than a gun upgrade for a lot of reasons) seems like the LMG upgrade is not worth taking.

Whats your guys opinion on those two upgrades? Worth it or not? How often do you wish you had Plasma/how many troops are usually prone to plasma?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:40 pm 
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Joined: Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:10 am
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On your second post, I don't bother with the upgrade for A-Chass, but the Blaster on basic Chass is a maybe. What it does is give them the ability to take some secondary AT (Rail on a 1-4 is CD(2)) and makes them more effective against heavy infantry. However, the strength of Cyber is that enhancements are priced so well that there is no need to take some of those smaller weapons when a boost to stats can achieve similar things. Weapons Overhaul for Chass is good- ST13 ROF2 basic guns out to 24".
Where the TSW really shines is in the hands of an Atilla MkIII- that guy can get into better positions and rail away for added fun, but with a small squad size enhancements are a must. +1A and +1RS are my picks.

For your first post: No, Heal does not stack. Some cases of Heal state that it's Heal(+2), and that's a bonus to existing heal. However, the ceiling on Heal is (8).

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