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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:08 pm 
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So im trying to get a feel for which is the best "go to" troop choice for Dark Legion.

Undead Legionaires seem like a speed bump. I would like to try to find the best way to use them. For 156 points, you get 12 legionaires, with 2 HMG, and a Necromutant squad commander, so they will generate resources.

With at ROF of 1, thats 10 ST 12 regular shots, and 6 Str 12 HMG shots (16 total)
Close Combat:
You get 12 STR 10 attacks.

Defensively you do get a whopping 12 wounds of troops at A 12.
In a Swarm, you can make a single attack at CC 19. With a STR of 10 + 12 = STR 22 (20 max) This gives Critical Force 4). Plus Crtitical Force 4 and AVV 4 for a full squad of 12. So thats a total CC attack at CC 19, STR 20 (-10 armor) AVV 6 attack that does 8 wounds.

That is one BLOODY VISCIOUS attack. Basically say goodby to any one leader or vehicle.

Now lets look at Nercromutants
For 166 points (10 points more), you get 8 Necromutants.
With ROF 2, thats 16 STR 13 shots (a wash)
Close Combat:
With ROA 2, thats 16 STR 11 attacks. SO 4 more attacks at +1 STR than the undead legion.

If you drop the Necromutants down to a 7 man squad, you get two flamers. Which does up their death ability if you get the squad in flamer template range.

The more that I look at it, the more I say Undead Legionaires are winning out. Same relative shooting strength, slightly lower regular close combat ability, but a MASSIVE boost in the swarm ability. So here is the thing. Undead Legionaires do not do well in CC with squads, but they do fantastic against single targets. I would comfortably pit a swarm of undead Leigonaires against an Orca. With their high wounds, they make a great take and hold squad. Combine all this with an 80 point custom psychic lord, with Transmorpication (+2 Armor) and Dark Gate of Power (Heavy cover field for -4 to hit), and you have a tough nut to crack.

I really wish the Legionaires could AIM as well as Swarm, and they would be a powerhouse, but I understand the reasoning (both logical and fluf wise) that they cannot.

Any other thoughts around the two? How many Dark Legion players do we have out there these days?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:40 pm 

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CF caps at 4 for any single attack but Swarm is still a good option for Legionnaires.

I think you have to look at what units go together best rather than straight up X vs. Y. While the Legionnaires can throw out plenty of shots they can only do basic actions so are pretty slow until you can reach engage range. The Necros are fast and can reach Flamer or engage range quicker but lack the bodies to soak up hits.

Thus by fielding Legionnaires as a screen for Necros you give them extra cover and a turn to get a bit closer for a run + turn to burn Flamer next turn. If they ignore the Legionnaires then it's lots of black bullets shooting back which will add up fast.

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