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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:02 am 

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Next up in my unit analysis series: The Dark Legionnaires

As a Troop choice, these should be the backbone of your army – and they can be - to a degree. Being the cheapest unit in the game (10 points per model) is a good thing – but that already hints at some of the problems the Legionnaires have. You cant be the cheapest AND the best after all.

The basics:
Stat-Wise, the Legionnaires are perfectly in line with any other basic Troop choice (Brotherhood-Troopers etc.), except they are unbelievably slow.

Their primary weapon is again, totally equal to what others have to offer: 24”, Rof 1, Str 12 is a solid thing. Close Combat wise they are a bit weak: Str 10 with RoA 1 isnt that great and will probably not lead to many deaths. But we don’t expect much from them, do we? Both Ranged and CC attacks have the option to negate healing, which can be cool (1 Resource per squad when shooting, for free if CC)

Unfortunately, when looking at their skills, you immediately see why they are cheaper than others:

1) No squad commader – that means that they will never generate even one resource card. That alone would be a heavy price to pay.
2) “Brainless” means they can only do Basic Actions. Move, Engage, Shoot, Aim, Hide, CC. They are not able to Run, Rapid Fire or Sentry. And while we all hardly have sleepless nights because of them not being able to act as a sentry, not being able to run is the hard pill to swallow here. Combined with their Movement of 4”, you will almost never be able to get them in any favourable position whatsoever. No special Squad actions means they will not ever be able to focus fire. Also a bad thing.

Weapon Upgrades:

There are 2 Upgrades available: HMG and Flamer. The former has regular HMG stats with a range of 18” and Strength of 13, the latter is a regular flamer with a Str of 14. While I can see uses for both weapons, I tend to use the HMG. A model using a flamer is useless as long as the opponent is out of reach – and being super-slow doesn’t really help getting into flamer range. Also, I don’t WANT to go that close because Legionnaires are far better at shooting. So the flamer is kind of a “help, the enemy is coming near and I don’t know what to do”-saviour. Well, for 15 points (10 for Legionnaire, 5 for Flamer) you could use him this way. I don’t like the idea – so more bullets at 18” seems good. But I also feel good giving them no upgrade whatsoever. More points for units that really count.

Golgotha buffs these little buggers good! More Movement is like a lottery win – and more armor is always welcome.
Necromutant Leader: Now this is the part where Legionnaires become useful. In their basic version (50 points for 5 guys) they hardly will do anything – except represent your troop choice. A Necromutant Leader is the upgrade for the acting squad commander and costs 20 points. For that he will:
a) Be a cool guy himself, because Necromutants normally cost 21 points, so he really is worth it for 30 points total
b) Buff the Legionnaires to heaven. All of the sudden, they have an additional Movement – with Golgotha as much as 6. Also, they now can use the swarm squad action. At least that (although I have yet to use it). But best of all, the Leader now provides you with a resource card. And all that for 20 points. Although: With 70 points total, your 5 man squad is not that cheap anymore. Bauhaus Hussars and Brotherhood troopers are cheaper, are shooting exactly like your guys AND can run.
Black Widow: This heavy vehicle can act as a transport for your Legionnaires. One squad can start the game in here and be "birthed" by the Widow. They automatically are thrown out when the Widow is destroyed - but then they get some autohits. I dont really know what to make of this: This can be used to bring the Legionnaires quickly into a good strategic position - or to get your 2 flamer guys (in a squad of 10) near your opponent to make the most of the flamer attack. I havent played with the widow yet so I cant really say how this works out.

A lot of cards are out there that specifically target Undead Legionnaires. Lets look at a few:

Symbiotic Evaluators: Every single Legionnaire can reroll failed to-hit rolls with this strategy card. A bad card in 500 point games, a mediocre in 1000 points games but unbelievably strong in bigger games where you will have more Legionnaires. Play this card in the right turn and increase effectiveness of your Legionnaires by FAR. If shooting at a clear target, your chance to miss is 40%. With this card it´s only 16%. I want to build an army around this card. So good.

Un-Leashed: Every troop model gains +1M. Well, another +1M. That means, played at the right time, if you want to use your Legionnaires to attack in CC (why? But anyway), they MIGHT have a Range of 16” (5 base + 1 from Necro + 1 from Golgotha, +1 from the card) to engage. Gogogogo!

Unnatural Advance: All Legionnaires might take a run action when it´s their turn. Well, this can be cool if played at the right moment. But as it is a Strategy card AND it only affects Legionnaires, the use is quiet limited to “many many Legionnaires-forces”. Also I dislike the idea of playing a card to allow them to do what every other troop out there can do regularly.

An Eye for an Eye: Two supercool uses for Legionnaires: first of all, it gives your Meatshield an impenetrable Armour of 12 against Piercing and Blast OR it can give your opponent an Armour of 0 against Flamers, which you can bring, too. So either way: Win!

All in All:
I like basic Troops – mainly because they do shoot pretty well- and shooting is what gets your opponent´s guys dead. They are highly problematic when it comes to mobility – and some missions require mobility (like getting to your opponents deployment zone in 5 turns. Good luck with that). But in any other mission that doesn’t require running around a lot, these guys should be totally worth their points. 5 Legionnaires with Necromutant cost 70 (14 points per model), 10 with Necromutant cost 120 (12 per model) – so the more, the merrier! On the other hand, I used them successfully with the minimum number of 5 because that leaves you many many points to spend on other units.
As we usually play 1000 points, I don’t see me using 6 units of Legionnaires, mostly that would leave me totally unprepared against and vehicles and more specialized units, so I wont be using the cards that target Legionnaires in special probably, but I guess if anyone did that and in the right turn played symbiotic evaluators, that will leave big holes in your opponents army.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:38 pm 

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FYI: It's Turn to Burn 1 to give the entire squad Black Bullets not per model.

Also you can put a squad in the Black Widow and "birth" them right into enemy lines. Black Widow is pretty speedy for a Heavy so it makes up for the slowness of the Legionnaires.

Legionnaires can also serve as moving heavy cover for any units tagging behind that generally just move and shoot. They also provide bodies for your Warlords shielded ability which is a much cheaper option than using Necromutants.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:32 am 

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Thanks - I included that info into the article above.

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