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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:07 pm 

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I've played a couple of games. In each of them Alkhai was underwealming. His main assets were his defensive capabilities : 5 wounds and 16 Armour with 12 Impenetrable. Summoning of Darkness is a nice gimmick, but it is a very costly gimmick which didn't do much good in my games. His impact on the game was mostly minor. Currently I see him as 220 point sink/sponge. Maybe I'm biased beacouseI play against Capitol, but eaven my opponent thinks "Alkhai sucks" and urges me to replace him. Do You have any advice how to run him effectively?

I mostly hang him near Leggionaries to soak up the wounds. Are Necromutant units worth fielding with him?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:23 am 

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Hi there,

I had the same experience. Alakhai just got shot at massively. I can see that he is able to soak a lot of damage, but lets just do some math:

The average thing that shoots at Alakhai will have ST 13-14, lets take 13. That means Armor-3, leaving him at 13 A. So 35% of the Wound effects actually wound him. 10% are healed, so that leaves 31.5% of the wound effects that actually wound him. 100/31.5 * 5 = 15.87 wound effects (=16).

While that may seem a lot, it means that nonetheless after some concentrating fire, he is just dead. The regular next-door Judicator has RoF 10, some things have critical force (2), some things (Inquisitors) have higher STR, some Attacks are PSY, natural 1s dont allow for Armor or Healing. In General, he will be most likely be dead before 16 wound effects are applied.

All my opponents play with Rapid deployment troops (Valkyries, Etoiles) that will come down to engage Alakhai and rob him of 3 wounds (someone is bound to roll a natural 1)

Sure, you can meat-shield him with Legionnaires, but that reduces your speed to M=5 each round (because no run)

If he reaches the target

Now, all that wouldnt be that bad and I would certainly use him, if... yeah, IF he wasnt my warlord and provided me with 8 resource cards. To my experience, losing the 8 resource cards reduces your chances of winning by a LOT.

So I dont know if this is actually a flaw in CC Warlord design or a flaw of the resource system.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:28 am 

Joined: Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:34 am
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It is a flaw in both and in neither. The big problem with Alakhai is that he has no reliable way of closing with the enemy, and he has close to no way of affecting the game (outside of resources) unless he is in CC. Summoning the Darkness only does so much. Sure, he is one of the hardest hitting things in WZR, but actually getting him there is close to impossible against a savvy opponent. What I feel he needs is something that helps him affect the game outside of his CC range, or increase his CC range. This can be done in a number of ways;

* Give him access to one Dark Symmetry power at it's points cost.
* Allow him to ignore Terrain movement modifiers in some way (leap, ranger etc and predatory senses).
* Give him +1 MV.
* Reduce Summoning the Darkness to 12" instead. This would make sure that anything that can see and shoot at Alakhai can be reached in CC in his next activation, as well as give him more of a supporting role for the rest of the army.

As it is currently, I have a hard time seeing that he would be doing more than one or two turns of CC per game.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:11 pm 

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Alakhai is certainly one of the hardest Warlords to use especially compared to other Dark Legion options like the well-rounded Golgotha or even a Custom Ranged/Psychic Warlord. One thing to remember is the Dark Legion has LONG ways to go in terms of model releases so it might be the case of just waiting for the ideal troop to support Alakhai.

Just a few pointers on his uses in games that might help:

1. Whether in Basic or Advanced games try to have models around him at all times. This will help against being shot (shielded), add additional heavy cover modifiers plus be in the way of those Rapid Deployment strikes.

2. Use "Summon Darkness" for the entire army not just him. This ability is what makes him so unique and actually protects the rest of the army outside of 18" from being shot. So do your best to advance and coordinate all your units until most of the army can cross that 18" threshold in one turn.

4. Don't get hung up about getting your points back but instead use him defensively. He will be a target during the entire game anyways and even more so once your within 18". So with this in mind don't be afraid to use him as (well protected) bait and see if the enemy starts to ignore other dangerous targets (Razides, Stalkers, Behemoth) in favor of him.

5. If your not sure on his next actions then use Sentry. He has more flexibility this way and can react to how the enemy is trying to take him out. In most cases the enemy will start taking out the protecting squad so if it looks like he will no longer be safe then having that Sentry action can give you a backup plan of sorts.

6. Figure out the best squads to protect him. Legionnaires will give lots of cheap cover/shielded chances or anti-Rapid Deployment but will make him stuck at move action pace. Necromutants can run so he can advance faster but you give up their RoF2 doing so plus the added cost means less of them to give cover/shielded chances or anti-RD. Last are CC Stalkers which are super expensive, can absorb high ST or CF damage but lack the numbers for any lengthy cover/shielded chances or anti-RD.

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