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PostPosted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:26 pm 

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Greetings fellow Imperial heroes,

I have a few questions. The local MOW hub needs your help!

1) Let's assume that a Grey Ghost uses the Field Engineers skill (Imperial pdf p.46) on a building that has models inside. If the demolition roll is successful, are the models subject to the "Collapsing Intact Structures" (Main Rules pdf p.57) effects? Do they become Pinned and take autohits?

2) If a squad of Dragoons has the Lakshmi Planum medal [Camo(2) or Camo(+1)], and enters a building, it gains Camo(2) from the "Urban Combat Specialists" skill (Imperial pdf p.41). Does that stack with the Lakshmi Planum medal for a total of Camo(3)?

3) Before the expansion of the Imperial cards, IMHO the Sentry cards were the only cards that were worth their salt. All the other cards were circumstantial and of course the right moment almost never comes. Anyway in my group we have a few rulings and I would like to share them with you. If you want to expand or disagree with those rulings, please do!

Sentry Gun tokens are not models. Therefore they are not subject to regular model rules:

a) They can't stay engaged with a model. So when an Offensive Sentry is in B2B with an enemy model it makes ranged attacks normally to the model that is in B2B. If there are multiple models in B2B with the O. Sentry, the sentry's owner chooses the target, and can even allocate as per RoF rules a Primary Target and up to 2 Secondary Targets, as long as all targets are in B2B.

b) Both the Offensive and the Defensive Sentry don't need LOS for their attacks/effects, and cover doesn't apply. In the other hand effects that are RS modifiers (e.g. Camouflage, Vorreiter Dust Cloud, Cardinal's Aura of Light, Purple Shark Turbo Jet etc.) affect the token normally.

c) The D. Sentry makes an autohit whenever a model in range makes a RS test. So models that make a RS to target a model with stalk, take an extra Blast autohit normally (finally Stalk became useful).

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:15 pm 
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1) It's not saying that there's any explosion or similar, it's just replace heavy terrain with appropriate ruin. So you can assume that the charges were detonated before it was occupied. However, all models above ground level would then be subject (if the ruin were lower) to falling from height.

2) Correct. Camo(3).

3) They are a token with SP. There are no main rules for these unfortunately, but from other tokens, these are hit automatically in CC, there's nothing to say that they can be engaged, and are persistent until destroyed. Unfortunately with the O-Sentry, it's a poorly worded card. The intent is clearly that it makes a ranged attack, not completes a RS test. It has an action point and is treated like a squad for activation purposes, as per the card. There is nothing stating that they don't need LOS or ignore cover.
Note that the D-sentry says when a model within 8" makes an RS test, they suffer the effects 'when the ranged attack is resolved'. So if they make a stalk test, and fail and therefore don't shoot, they won't suffer any autohit as they're not making a ranged attack that gets resolved.

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