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Forum Cleanup and Reorganization
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Author:  diggitydug [ Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Cleanup and Reorganization

Hello all!

I am one of the new volunteer moderators for the Prodos forums. Corvuscorax and I have been working very hard behind the scenes to clean up the mess that was the invasion of the russian Spam bots.

Unfortunately that means at this time, we cannot activate the "Keep me logged into the forum" feature, and require everyone to type in their user ID and password when you come to the forum each day. Remember the Spambots would be able to log in as well.

Corvuscorax and I have deleted over 2,400 bad posts from the forum and have banned hundreds of users.

In addition, I want to solicit ideas for a reorganization of the forums. I think all the subsections are kind of crazy, and its hard to navigate to find what your looking for. I have unlocked this topic, for the community to offer ideas and suggestions (on Forum layout only).

Since I am on the Facebook account and a moderator here on the forums, I will try and bridge the two communities by copying any Prodos announcements or sneak peaks from there to here. That being said, please note I am not a prodos employee. In fact, i have very little contact with the Prodos team, im just a fan, like yourself, who is willing to help out a bit.

Thanks, and if you see any board shenanegans, please PM me right away!


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