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PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:18 pm 
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As time goes on, and Prodos Games grows as a company, this forum has become a hub of activity for all things Warzone Ressurection and everything else that is linked to it.

It's come to a point where I think some clarity is required on these forums, to help posters know what kind of posts are acceptable here on this friendly forum. I have taken these rules from another fantastic forum and edited them according to the needs of Prodos Games.

1. Posting etiquette

1. 1 Deletion of non-posting users.

Any poster who has not made a post within 4 weeks of activation will be deleted from the Databank. Even an introduction will suffice, just be sure to post and do not post spam.

1.2 Acting politely.

Remain polite. That’s it. Regardless of what happens, if you’re in a bad mood or had a bad day, remain polite. Feel free to write about it in the 'Open Discussion' section of the forum if it makes you feel better, and many members will be happy to talk about it with you; if you don’t wish to talk about it, keep it to yourself, but act politely on the forum and don’t take it out on the community.

1.3 Know your limits and when to stop.

If you realize that a discussion isn’t really going anywhere, please don’t push the subject, and better call it a day. If you feel to further discuss it with your “opponent”, please use the Private Message functionality to sort it out amongst yourselves. If things get particularly nasty, please contact one of the Admins or Moderators.

1.4 Swearing and other strong language.

For the sake of being polite, please do not use swear-words or offensive language.

1.5 Entering a discussion.

If taking part in a running discussion, please read the existing posts to avoid embarassing yourself and others.

1.6 The curse of publicity.

Whenever you wish to write a post, think twice if you wish all the world to read it (since most of the Warzone Resurrection forum is a public forum, it will be public). It might save you from embarrassment or even worse, repercussions. Remember, you are NOT required to reply to posts or partake in discussions.

1.7 The search engine.

If you have a question, please use the search function to see if it has already been answered. It will save you the trouble of writing a post and reduce the number of redundant threads.

1.8 Appropriate board location

Please make sure to check that your post is within the appropriate board (for example, post a query about Kickstarter, place it under Kickstarter Queries, not Open Discussion).

1.9 “Private communications”

You may NOT start topics to address a single user. Please use the Private Message functionality for that, or, if the recipient’s PM account is full, his/her E-Mail contact. If that doesn’t work either, contact one of the moderators who may be able to sort out something.

1.10 User signatures.

You may NOT use animated signature images, since the vast majority of users considers these a nuisance. Such items may be removed without further notice.

2. Posting content

2.1 Copyrighted material.

Since the forum owners can be legally held responsible for copyright violations, you may NOT, under any circumstance, post copyrighted material of any kind, such as scanned/digitized copies of rulebooks, software, etc. This also includes links to P2P and other download sites. Posts violating these rules will be deleted without prior notice, regular posts of this type may result in a banning of your account.

2.2 Criticism.

The administrators and moderators have no problem with receiving constructive criticism, and most users will also be happy to receive productive replies and incentives. Keep in mind, however, that only posting criticism and not producing/showing your own work will leave people with a poor impression or your character. Do NOT try to become the “Critic Laureate” of Warzone Resurrection – it’s “live and let live.” All criticism is well-received if it is constructive, politely worded and appropriately balanced with praise. Don’t be nit-picky and try being positive.

2.3 Your own work.

Since the Warzone Resurrection forum is a place for like-minded gamers, painters and modelers, we will be more than happy to see your stuff. Never consider anything “not worthy” of this forum; even if it is “just” a gaming model, the vast majority of users will appreciate it appropriately, and anything might inspire someone to try something new. It does not matter how prolific you are as a painter, or modeler – everybody has something to contribute to Warzone Resurrection!

2.4 Politics and religion.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you allowed to start discussions about current political events; potentially contentious religious issues or current affairs which may involve aggressive patriotic sentiment. I'm sure we all love our countries, but this forum has members from countries all over the world - please don't assume everyone shares your world view or wants to have it pushed in their face. You may, however, post about your Megacorporate ties in 'The Factions' section, as long as you are only talking about Mutant Chronicles!

2.5 Advertisements.

You may NOT post advertisements of any kind that are unrelated to the forum.


Due to the business side of this forum, this includes eBay auctions, hobby companies, painting services and miniatures companies that are not related to Warzone Resurrection/Mutant Chronicles or licenses owned by Paradox Entertainment.

Private reviews of related products are encouraged to help others, but keep it objective and slander/libel-free. This includes the discussion of other Miniature Wargames manufacturers, Prodos Games seeks a good relationship with it's peers and to do so, equal respect should be awarded to them, regardless of your personal opinions. Say something nice, or don't say anything.

2.6 Non-wargaming-related content.

Generally, you may post “off-topic” content or discuss such topics in the “Open Discussion” board. We ask you to display moderation – the occasional movie, TV, music or weather discussion is fine. If you feel the need to continuously post off-topic stuff, this is not the right forum; either look for a forum more suited to your tastes, or take a look at Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

2.7 “Erotica” and Sexual Content

Any images with decidedly “erotic/sexual” content that are not gaming-related are NOT allowed on this forum, so don’t post them in the first place.

You may, however, display the occasional nude (or partially-nude) miniature (keep in mind that some image hosters such as Photobucket may remove such items as violating their use policies). There are, however, some topics which might be considered inappropriate, in which case we will usually ask the poster to remove the images.

2.8 Violence

Gratuitous violence is only allowed in tabletop-miniature form, and as well as with nudity, there may be the need to act with particularly blatant items. Any other pictorial and textual form of violence and gore, that the Administrators and Moderators feel is violating the nature of this forum will be removed. Fictional stories, that are related to Warzone Resurrection or Mutant Chronicles, which contain violence or gore are accepted.

2.9 Title and Post Formatting

All members are required to use the formatting options for posts, e.g. bold face, italics etc., sensibly. Specifically, that means:

Avoid excessive use of the caps lock function (i.e. all capital letters). Since using "all caps" is widely considered as the internet equivalent of "shouting/yelling" and therefore impolite, you may ONLY use caps to emphasize specific, brief parts of your post (as in this rule paragraph), or to identify acronyms (e.g. CIA, SWAT, USSR etc.).

The use of all-caps topic titles (except for acronyms) is strictly forbidden.

The same applies to other formatting functions such as italics and boldface. Please use them only to emphasize parts of your posts, such as internal headers, links, etc., to increase legibility and clarity of your message. Formatting a whole post in bold or italic reduces legibility and tends to annoy readers.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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