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My Imperials thus far
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Author:  Vineheart01 [ Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  My Imperials thus far

Ive painted 40k models for some time but im used to painting grungy Orks or clean, crisp Tau so the Imperials more realistic models threw me a curveball lol.
Also just want to say i have two schemes in my army since i consider Wolfbanes and MOW to be more like two armies merged into one. This is the only non-Ork army i'd ever put multiple themes on because of this reason.

EDIT: Ok, my idiot self forgot to scale down my pictures my camera took. So rather than post the images here since theyre insanely huge, heres a link to my imgur album theyre posted in - - that way theyre autoscaled and wont explode your webbrowser lol

And yes i know the Grey Ghosts are MOW not Wolfbane. I still painted them as Wolfbanes because i thought they'd look weird with my MOW theme.

Im still painting plenty of models. For MOW i only have the 10 trenchers and 5 ISF to paint left, but for Wolfbanes i have 20 commandos, 4 pathfinders, and 2 necromowers to paint lol. I has work to do....

EDIT2: Finished my first Pathfinder so i know how i want to paint them. Will paint the other 3 the same way.
Gotta admit, the red mohawk is funny lol.

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