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The Bauhaus Grizzly "Hell Pig."
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Author:  REDKOMET [ Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Bauhaus Grizzly "Hell Pig."

Hi Mark!!!
I'll keep you in mind if I ever decide to roll out the 'Pig to a new squad(owner).
As I said before,I worked in a gamestore for many years,and v.1 warzone was catching fire in this area heavily.We even had the writers stop in and play demos and games.GREAT bunch of guys.
The owner had preordered this Grizzly for a customer that subsequently stiffed him with it,to be fair this thing was like $250 retail.Needless to say it sat on the shelf collecting dust for a couple of years.
We used to do a sidewalk sale a couple times a year with the rest of the plaza that we were located in and I helped the owner pick out stuff to toss out on the tables.He would stop at the tank and scowl and say "That thing really pisses me off when I see it."
I would ask him if he wanted to blow it out and make a little of his investment back,but he would grunt and continue plowing through the stacks.
The second year however I had a plan.
When we were looking through the store for stuff for the sale,I had placed the damn tank in an obvious spot(just because it amused me to see his reaction)and of course he spotted it.
HIM-"You know,every damn time I see that thing it really pisses me off to no end that I didn't take a deposit from that guy."
ME-"Okay, been through this before.DO you want to make some money or not?I'll toss you $85 dollars cash money right now and take that home.Then you won't have to look at it."
HIM-"$85 cash right now?"Lemme see it."
Money changed hands quickly and he told me to go put it in my car and out of his store.LOL!!!
But I am digressing into gamertalk that used to drone on in my ears for hours and hours a day working in a shop.....
Thought it was a funny story so I thought I'd share.this piece has LOTS of history.

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