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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:53 am 
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I'm not a very good writer, but I was inspired to write this while I was painting my new K9 team for Capitol. I hope you enjoy.

Man’s Best Friend

Gunfire ripped overhead. Trooper Rojas ducked in close and tight behind the shattered remains of the troop carrier that was currently standing between him and a squad of Legionnaires that were trying to rip him to shreds with their Kratech assault rifles. Luckily, being dead slowed down their reflexes. They weren’t too bright either. Instead of trying to pin him down with suppression fire and then flanking him, they just kept shambling forward and firing from the hip. Trooper Javier Rojas was a Capitol Ranger, and it would take more than a couple undead zombies with guns to rattle him. Rojas tucked his M50 into his shoulder and leaned out to snap off a shot. The total opposite of the rusty old Kratechs, his M50 was customized and lovingly maintained. The short burst caught one of the zombie soldiers in the upper torso and dropped it. The other four kept moving toward him, never letting up their rate of fire. The Kratechs might be rusty, but they were still deadly. Rojas ducked back into cover. He had to do something quick or they would be on top of him before he could get clear. He looked down at the three dogs that were behind cover with him. Aye Jay, the black shepherd, shuffled his feet and looked up at his master with a look of quiet expectation. Batey, the brown shepherd, was agitated and bristling around his neck. Growling low in his throat, he sensed the undead soldiers nearby and didn’t like them at all. Elli May, the bloodhound, scratched her ear and looked bored. Rojas clicked his tongue twice, and the two Shepherd’s ears immediately perked up, waiting for their master to give them his command.

“Batey, Aye Jay, Hacia abajo, hacia adelante, el ataque!” Rojas had trained his dogs to take their commands in his ancestor’s language of Spanish, which meant “Down, forward, attack.”

The two dogs reacted immediately, shooting out from their cover like furry missiles, Batey going to the right and Aye Jay going around the left. The dogs hit the first two Legionnaires like freight trains, hitting them before could bring their weapons to bear on the two dogs. The dogs ripped the throats out of both legionnaires, for all intents and purposes decapitating them. They then launched on the last two Legionnaires, bringing them down just as swiftly and violently as the first two. Rojas swung up around cover with his M50 up in a ready position and advanced, surveying the work of Batey and Aye Jay.

“Muy buenos!”, “Good Boys!” Rojas praised the two dogs, who sat with their tails wagging and their tongues hanging out and that goofy look that all dogs get when their master is praising them. Rojas swept the area with his M50, then satisfied that the area was clear, knelt down and scratched each dog behind their ears affectionately.
Rojas checked the magazine of his M50, and combat loaded a full mag and placed the used mag back in a pouch at his belt. That was one group down. Now it was time to finish the sweep and clear of this area. Just because the boys in Capitol intelligence had declared victory didn’t mean there wasn’t still threats out there, and that’s where his dogs came in, helping locate and eliminate and leftovers. He would make sure that his pups got some extra treats tonight back at the barracks.

“Ellie, Encontrar!” “Find!” Ellie May stood up and shook herself and yawned, and started sniffing around. Batey and Aye Jay took up their flanking positions protecting Ellie and their master, and they started moving forward, looking for more threats.

I thought about this story while I was painting the new K9 unit model for my Capitol force. The dogs are named after the K9s that I have worked beside over the years. While I wasn’t the K9 officer, I worked closely with these dogs and thought of each of them as part of the team. Batey, a psycho nut job of a dog, Aye Jay, the silent professional, and Ellie May, a sweet bloodhound with a great nose, and who would steal your sandwich the moment you turned your back on it. The Ranger is named after my brother in law :)

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