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My batch of questions
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Author:  B9oyd [ Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  My batch of questions

Ok so some of my questions have been asked and answered in other posts but there's still some to be answered so here goes:

1. In hero creator alien HQs may be given acid spit, however they have no RS with which to attack with, nor can this be spent on stat points, does acid spit include RS 10 for the model you buy it for?

2. it states that weapons have unlimited range unless specified otherwise, this concerns me as there is no mention of if the shotgun and flamer MUST use their special action as a shooting attack. eg. can i use the shotgun for a single S12 unlimited range attack or do i HAVE TO use the Shotgun! skill when firing? same goes for the flamer equivalent.

3. Some tactics cards do not state that their effects end at end of turn (such as marines "move it! move it!"), are ALL tactics cards considered to expire at the end of the game turn or player turn in which they are used? if not then some are ridiculously overpowered if they remain in play.

4. in the rulebook some stats are written differently to what is on the cards (see predator disc S15 in book and S14 on card) which number is correct? also, is the disc meant to be this OP? im sure if a weapon was S15 it would be the spear with its 4 attacks, seeing as the disc has a badass ranged attack too.

5. just to confirm from other questions, if referred to as "infested tile" this does NOT include half infested tiles (examples being hide and facehug rules).

6. Do the shotgun and flamer receive the -2 modifier for firing through engaged tiles with the Shotgun! and Burning Inferno skills? also can these still be used if the model is currently engaged as per standard shooting attacks? Eg. using burning inferno on your current tile if engaged to go out in a literal blaze of glory.

7. do models under the effect of the Ping! special rule still suffer from RS penalty checks from engaged tiles and/or hidden? this goes doubly for situations as per my question 6 seeing as it states burning inferno needs no line of sight under the effects of Ping!.

8. Did you design the grenade launcher rules to specifically instant kill predators? because it seems to one-shot-kill them every time and makes the predators surprisingly underwhelming seeing as the launcher has unlimited range. maybe limit the range?

9. With regards to the "fast dice" analogy made when rolling, is it safe to assume that if firing at a group of enemies on the same tile (say with the smart gun) that wounds are distributed as you want or is it a single target gets tripple dead? this also relates to close combat attacks, in the way that, do i need to allocate my dice per model i wish to attack before rolling or do i just roll my attacks, count my hits, and then allocate armour saves? if so, who allocates wounds, the attacker or the defender?

Sorry for the essay post but i'm a stickler for clarity, and im sure ill find more questions to ask xD

Author:  macca2509 [ Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My batch of questions

Good bunch of questions.
For Q2 we have been using the Flamethrower special actions as its shooting action only.
Q5, the rules say that Half Infested tiles count as Infested and Normal so we have been using them for Hide and the -4 modifier for the RS test against Alien Models, basically as Infested as the rules state.
The Grenade Launcher deals 2 wounds so wouldn't kill a full healthy Predator instantly which can take 3 wounds before dying. A limit on the range would be welcomed.
I wish Jarek would monitor the forum more as many questions have still to be answered.

Author:  B9oyd [ Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My batch of questions

Yeah stuff needs sorting now that its been released.

And for the grenade launcher i just meant that every time i've tried it to kill a wounded pred i haven't failed, the fact it doubles after a SINGLE save at -6 armour is monstrous. poked by an alien then BOOM gone before his next turn when he could heal or run. i think its insane for a regular dude, especially when it kills everyone in the room not just that one dude you want to kill.

Author:  Bestgameever [ Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My batch of questions

Dont forget that the Predators have the 15(12) armor save. So the GL does not get the +6 on the Pred it would be a max of +3.

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