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Author:  whampiri [ Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:19 pm ]

What do people think about the -4 to cc for aliens in open corridors? Seems really harsh to me that it only applies to aliens and doesn't apply to predators.

Author:  LIIVI [ Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:17 pm ]

From my experience playing the basic boardgame, I think the Inpenetrable Armour values of the Predator faction in particular are hugely design-limiting. What I mean by that is high values of Inpenetrable Armour make it very difficult to balance a weapon around having a high Strength, as beyond a certain point increasing Strength is literally redundant. In the case of the Predators, a weapon having a Strength greater than 13 is completely useless against them, with the exception of a select few cards. For example, the Grenade Launcher of the Marines seems like a perfect Predator killing ability on account of it dealing 2 wounds at once. However, its strength of 16 is of little help, and 60% of the time even if it hits it does nothing, wasting 2 action points on the model using it. Considering the Predator faction is undeniably strong at the moment, I feel it would be a good balance choice to reduce the Inpenetrable Armour value to something more reasonable, while keeping their basic Armour the same. This would open up the door to designing weapons around high Strength, rather than just increasing the rate of fire as is currently the case. As it stands, design wise it is almost impossible to balance a weapon around having a low rate of fire but a high Strength, as is the case with the Grenade Launcher, and this is very limiting as to what rules can be introduced in the future as well. Obviously in a similar vein it might be useful to give adult Alien Warriors and other similar models the same treatment. It might be appropriate to reduce the Inpenetrable value from 12 to, for example, 9 or 10? Would allow increases in Strength up to 16 rather than 13 to be useful.

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