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Capitol vs. Bauhaus 500pts
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Author:  Raven911 [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Capitol vs. Bauhaus 500pts

Our first game. Army lists:

Captain Henry Thomas
3x 5 man squads of Light Infantry
5 man squad of Sea Lions

Max Steiner
2x 5 man squad of Hussars with LMGs

Turn 1:
Capitol goes first. Sea Lions had deployed on the heavy cover (large woods) in the center of the board. They move up to 1" of the woodline and open up on one of the Hussars squad, killing one. The Hussars return the favor and kill one of the Sea Lions. The Cap Light Infantry on the left flank run up into heavy cover. The Vulkan moves up and kills two of the Sea Lions with its flamer, causing them to break and retreat back toward the Capitol line. The Light Infantry on the right flank run up into cover from the storage containers. The second Hussars squad runs up into cover on the other side of the containers and takes a pot shot at Capt Thomas, causing a wound. The third Light Infantry squad kills one of the hussars near the wood line.

Turn 2
Bauhaus goes first and the Vulkan advances into the woods and finishes off the Sea Lions with its flamer. The right flank Light Infantry fire at the Vulkan and damage its leg and engine. The first Hussar squad moves into the heavy woods to claim cover and fire at the left flank Light Infantry, killing one of them. Capt. Thomas loads a anti-vehicle grenade and aims at the Vulkan, fires, rolls, a 1, and kills it with a hull hit. Max Steiner moves up and kills two more of the left flank Light infantry. They still have their squad leader and pass the LD test.

Turn 3
Capitol goes first. The two remaining Light Infantry fire on the Hussars in the woodline and miss. The Hussars move out of the woods and kill the two remaining Light Infantry on the left flank. Capt. Thomas moves toward them and draws both pistols and guns down two of them. The remaining two Hussars break and retreat. The right flank Hussars move up and fire on Capt Thomas and cause two wounds, killing him. The Light Infantry in the bunker complex fire grenades into the Hussars, killing three and the remaining Hussar breaks and runs. Game over. Winner, Capitol!

Great game for our first time on the board.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the only game board in the world with a piece of the Tiawanaku ruins on it ;-) I pulled a piece off of one of the large rocks when I was there. Thought my wife was going to have a heart attack.

Now the pics:
My new favorite terrain piece!

left flank moving up

Firey death of the Sea Lions

Hey, you hear something on the other side of this?




Capt. Thomas gunning down the Hussars

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