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PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:01 am 

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Warzone Resurrection

Capitol vs Capitol 1000 points

Friday night friendly game at Sanders', no house rules.

The Colonel is running a standard list of his, with a squad of heavy infantry, some Martian Banshees, an Orca, a squad of 2 fellow sharks, and of course, The Blue Shark as warlord. He chose Venusian Thunder, for some extra firepower.

The opponent, a short grumpy man by the name of Brian, who is running snowflake Thomas, 4 minimum squads of light airborne (to maximize his choice of special ability to double resources), two squads of 5 Heavy infantry, and a squad of 5 free marines.

And of course, Beardy Mike, your faithful commentary specialist.

The scenario: Free for all. Both sides pick an objective and have to end with all surviving models within 12" of the objective and no enemies within 15". The secondary and Corporate missions will remain secret until the end of the report or when they are achieved, as this report is being done live. Its cramped in here, send fans.

I believe pictures will be uploaded along with this, but dont quote me on it.

The Table Setup:

Deployment went...deployment-ish, with the majority of Brian's forces waiting to fall from the skies like rocks.

Mike deployed first like so

Brian deployed like this

Sanders' wins first turn initiave and immediately plays Sieze the Initiative to secure the initiative for next turn as well, but eats 2 of his 8 resources. Activating his 8 heavy infantry

first, he choses to move the majority of them forward and take some pot shots at the enemy heavy infantry, to which Brian responds with a -2 RS card, but the Sanders' heavies are out of range. Apparently, we discover after this play, you can only play cards between each squad activation, and not during. The two remaining heavies that didnt move are placed into Sentry, aware and ready for the enemy airborne.


Feeling frisky, Brian responds with the squad that had the bullets fall short of them, marches them forward and barks out some shots. Out of the three in range and with LoS, they managed to down one enemy heavy. First blood to Brian, who is feeling like he needs new cards, and burns resources to draw 3 more cards, discarding down to 5 after he was done.

Sanders plays "gung ho," which promptly gets discarded by Brian's "Forget it," then drops in his Banshees, successfully landing them where he desired after he played a Peppershot Setting turning all of their weapons into shotgun templates. Some rediculous

rolling later (Three Perfect shots in a ROW and one more interspersed), two free marines lie dead (one to a crit), and three heavy infantry go down to crits.


Brian responds by passing the LD check, plays Bolster your forces regaining 1 of his lost Free Marines, whom he choses to activate. He then uses Freedom Forever to plant the FM flag, to boost his melee ability while he responds to the pretentious brown Banshees that dared to attack them the turn before (ok, embelishing because this is boring as hell.) With 11 dice rolls in melee (because one of the FM ended up outside of the flag range), the Free Marines manage to tickle two of the Banshees to death, even with the supposedly much better number of attacks they get compared to shooting.

Sanders decides to play with himself, zooming across the board and shoots his innacurate as hell guns, hitting something twice out of four shots through miracles of dice. Unfortunately for him, no heavies went down thanks to a fortunate heal roll. No cards were played, but Brian drew two more.

Activating the now 2 man squad of heavies, Brian excutes a Fallaway power slam, then burns for an extra action to punch the banshee that passed his CON test, killing him. The other squad member decides to nut up and engages the stunned Banshee, landing his blow and shattering the glass jaw of the shotgun happy trooper. No cards played or drawn.

Feeling inadequate, the Purple sharks revv up their soon-to-be-destoyed engines and jet towards the 5 man squad of heavies to their right, but their guns are just out of range, covering the now enraged by dust allergies heavies covered in more red dust.


Now being the time to deploy his airborne troops, seeing as he has activate all the non-rapid deploying squads, Brian chooses one of his LI, succeeds in their LD check and using the "Hail Mary" rule, manages to kill the squad leader of the 8 man heavy squad in Sanders' employ. Unfortunately, to keep that guy alive was Brian's corporate objective. One of the two heavy infantry in sentry were able to respond and manage to kill one of the lights.

The orca activates, firing its rocket launcher and killing the remaining 4 lights in the corner. This is the last unit to activate for Sanders.

Mike Sanders takes over narrating

Brian fails deployment and drops a squad of LI on and around the far objective Shooting at the nearest shark with the HU-e launchers dealing no damage also deactivating on their failed LD test (not sure on ruling of deactivation and still firing HU-E's)


Brian successfully drops a squad of LI next to the terrain tank and does not use HU-e's on the way down, electing instead to use Thomas's special ammo for the LI being a tech warlord giving them AVV1. Two perfects ironically into the engines of the nearest shark obliterates it in a fiery explosion that touches nothing else.


Brian deviates behind a large terrain piece with his last squad of LI and deactivating ends their turn.

Brian deployed Thomas with a perfect 1 behind a wall and does nothing with both his actions.

Shut up Sanders, this is my Batrep. Beardy Mike here again, and after resting, I am still bored. But I wont give up, at least for now.

Brian deployed all his airborne squads, one at a time as regular, chosing to use hail mary with only one squad, which did all of nothing divided by a whole lot more nothing, then a squad landed and shot the hell out of a purple shark with their tech-warlord enhanced guns and scored two crits on the engine! Seriously, was the high point of my evening. The other two squads land with little effort, one scattering just off target but still managing to hold an objective and the other scattering further behind a giant rock. Snowflake lands perfectly, and decides to use both of his actions ot break out the mani/peti kit and do his nails for the cameras.


Sanders auto-wins initiative, as stated earlier, cards are drawn and naps were had, game to be continued the following evening!

The Following Night:
Turn 2

Sanders auto-wins initiative, and immediately plays Smoke Screen on his heavy infantry squad, then activates himself and uses Napalm drop and a fast move to cover the full squad of heavy infantry in fire. Two fall to the napalm, then Sanders swings 3 times, killing one heavy with his last action and completing his secondary mission of R&D, which is to kill this squad leader in melee.

On Brian's turn, I woke up and covered that last activation, because of a refusal to allocate hits and rolling one dice at a time. Dont care if its in the rules, its boring. Brian activates a squad of light infantry, firing 5 rockets (yes, he spent 10 resources) at the enemy orca, landing 4 out of 5 shots. The shots were aimed at the engines, and managed to pull off 3 damage when Sanders saved once.

Sanders then activates the orca and fires all of its weapons at one of the squads that still has 5 members. Burning 1, Sanders increases the RoF on the rocket spam by 1, missing twice but getting two of the 5 troopers hiding in cover, then fires with the auto cannon, turning one of the light infantry into paste.

Brian activates the now two man squad of airborne, shooting at the remaining purple shark but missing both shots.

Sanders plays "Gung Ho" on his two remaining banshees, who change targets, one of them even gaining the engage bonus. Neither of them do anything in between the fancy footwork of their jet boots. But I'm sure it looked cool, to someone. Someone that would like Hail Mary.

Brian activates the two remaining heavies of the napalm'd squad, successfully disengaging, burning a resource to fire upon the Colonel, scoring two hits, but Sanders easily makes the two saves. The other heavy, who was not engaged, moves around to shoot Sanders in the rear, but misses both shots.

Sanders activates his heavies, and moves them up the field, but they have no shot on anything and their activation ends.

Brian activates his free marines to clean up the two remaining banshees, and they do just that. It even leaves the squad commander open to move towards Sanders and throw a C4 on him. A rules clarification is needed on the wording, but for now we are assuming he has to wait until next turn to trigger the C4.

Sanders activates his remaining purple shark, double moving forward and turning to fire upon Brian's squad of airborne claiming his objective. He scores 3 hits on his main target, and 1 hit on one of his secondary targets, killing the main target but the secondary makes his armor save.

This is Sanders' last activation for the turn.

Brian then activates his now unengaged heavy infantry squad, playing "Gung Ho" on them and firing at the annoying purple shark, scoring one hit on the engine.

Thomas is up next, burns for an extra action to move out, aim and fire his grenade launcher at the same purple shark, then a question of "can objective markers be claimed as cover?" came up. No one could find it, so we made a judgement call. No cover in this instance, shot hits but is saved.

Last squad is the airborne infantry still in full cover behind the giant rock, so they decide to hide behind it still.

End of turn 2

Turn 3:

Initiative goes to Brian.

Brian plays his Seize the Initiative, to secure Turn 4 for himself, if there is a turn 4. He activates the free marines, triggering the C4 thrown last turn, which automatically does 2 damage to the Colonel's engine, then charges the free marine squad leader at the wounded blue shark, throwing an anti-tank grenade which lands easily, but hits the controls and damages that with a failed armor roll.

Both sides exchange a seeded sands card, Brian losing no airborne and Sander's lost one heavy. Sanders then plays Bolster your Forces on the heavies, returning the squad leader (the question of whether or not you can do this has already been submitted to the FAQ). He then activates the Orca, who walks forward and fires on the forward squad of airborne again, this time scoring a critical on the primary target and the wound going through on the secondary with the HMG. Sanders then burns a resource to increase the RoF of the rockets to 4. The first shot scatters off target, hitting nothing (hes firing at the squad of 4 near the objective now), the second scatters, but hits several targets still, killing two targets, third shot hits, hitting Thomas and the squad leader, both wounds saved, but last shot hits the mark again and kills the airborne infantry.

The last member of the squad near Thomas is the squad leader, who nuts up and aims a rocket at the Orca's engine, landing and destroying the target.

Sanders activates the last purple shark who blazes towards Thomas and unloads into him point blank just outside of melee range, landing 3 hits, which are all saved.

Brian responds with Thomas, shooting the shark with his rocket launcher, and putting a well aimed rocket into its engine, finishing it off, but it explodes in a one inch radius only reaching the LI and kills that last airborne infantry.

Sanders activates his heavy infantry, shooting at the two remaining heavies near the Blue Shark, bringing them down eventually. The remaining heavies that haven't shot switched targets to the free marines and land some solid hits but they are either saved against or healed.

Brian activates the hide and seek champions, whom stay in their hiding spots.

Sanders activates himself last, attacking the free marine engaging him, and kills him easily.

Brian activates the last heavy under his control, scoring a critical and hit. The crit goes to the body, and the hit is saved.

End of turn 3

Turn 4

Brian seized the initiative last turn, so he automatically wins initiative this turn. He plays Smog bomb in front of the enemy heavy infantry, forcing them to re roll passed RS tests if they remain within 12 inches of it. Sanders plays Bolster on the heavy infantry, Brian tries to play bolster on his heavy, but is told to forget it by Sanders. Sanders then uses rifle drills on the heavy infantry.

Brian activates his Free marines first, one of which charges Sanders and wiffs his AT grenade. The others fire on the heavy infantry, killing one.

Sanders returns fire after moving a trooper up to discover and claim the objective. All of the shooting models land at least 1 hit, despite the smog, but the free marine makes all of his armor except for one, and he makes that heal check.

Brian activates Thomas who moves up and captures his objective and tries to drop a napalm wall on the enemy heavy infantry, but the markers scatter to place it away from them all.

Sanders has only himself to activate now, so he tries to melee the new Free marine, but wiffs all of his attacks.

Brian then activates his squad of airborne, who begin to climb to achieve their hidden objective of reaching the highest point on the map.

Brian's last H.I. moved towards his objective.

End of turn 4.

I, Beardy Mike, quit doing the batrep. I love doing batreps, throwing some fluff in is great fun. I am an experienced RPer and wargamer, and this was beyond bearable. Sanders ended up winning because of the main objective, but I don't think anyone was satisfied with the outcome due to it being turn 7 and being past 3 am. Yes, turn 2 through 7 took 6 hours, and yes, there were a bunch of things slowing down the game (such as clarifying rules to the satisfaction of both players and the peanut gallery) so it would eventually be playable in a decent amount of time comparatively to a ten hour game. I hope you all have fun with the game, good luck, will check in when rules get updated.

Also, Snowflake Thomas. Read that fluff guys, have a laugh.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:52 pm 
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Sounded good up till the end and then what the hell? Beardy Mike forget to take his meds?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:19 pm 

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Second day of the same game. I can't blame him. I played really slowly and like he said there was a lot of digging to find and clarify rules. I do think he goes a bit overboard at times though.

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