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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:24 am 
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Well Raven and I had another opportunity to bring the two armies at each other. Raven wanted revenge for his last two close losses against Cybertronic. I had another motive. With the reveal of the new Cybertronic light walker, I wanted to test it out. Mark, one of the fine gentlemen at Prodos posted the points cost (125ish) on the Facebook page for me.

Raven had an old spaceship toy he found in the attic, a Milton Bradley Starbird. (Some of you born in the 70s remember this) It still worked, and he thought that would make a fantastic piece of scenery. So he built a table around it. the Table looked like this:


Thus began the battle of.... Starbird Down.


Everassur Severus waited for the interspace comlink to connect. After a few minutes of static, a chime indicated that he had reached the far combat station deep in the venusian jungle. A strange face filled the viewscreen. "Lieutenant Thomas, here. Jungle Outpost Gamma-Six".

"Lieutenant! This is your commanding officer Everassur Severus".

The Lieutenant snapped to attention. "Sir yes SIR!".

"Id like to talk to Major O'Neil, Lieutenant."

"Sir, yes sir, I will take you to him. Are we being redeployed sir?".

Everassur Severus smiled. O'Neil had been on deployment in the jungle for six months. Severus was tired about the uppity, poncy commander. After the last medal ceremony, the coward had been strutting around like a war hero. It had been unbearable. But Severus was in charge of troop deployment in this sector, and so O’Neil and the Nineth had been sent off to Venus. Half of a year of bugs, the heat, grime, and combat rations would snap O'Neil's spirit and teach him a lesson about outshining his commanding officer.

The screen was a blur of grass and boots, as the lieutenant walked through the jungle. "Communication for you Major, its Everassur Severus."

"Smashing!", said the voice of O'Niel. "Hold the camera up. Im just about done with my shot.". There was a whistling noise through the air, and a large THWACK sound. When the camera came into focus, he saw O'Neil, in full dress uniform, with some sort of long thin stick with a small metal club face attached to it. He had one gloved hand shielding his eyes as if he was looking at something far away. Suddenly there was a distant explosion. "Damn!", said O'Neil. "I sliced again".

It took Severus a moment to realize that somehow, O’Neil was playing golf in the middle of the Venusian jungle. Behind him appeared to be a well manicured strip of green. "O'Neil... “, he said slowly letting it all sink in. “Are you on a golf course?”
"Well, sir. Have to bring civilization where you can!", said O'Neil, wiping his pencil thin mustache with one gloved hand. "Troop Morale and such".

"O'Neil! this is an Outrage!. If I found out you ordered your troops to cut a golf course into the Venusian Jungle, I will have you court-martialed!"

"Of course not!", said O'Neil Looking offended. "I would never use troops for such a purpose....” there was a pause “I had the Attila’s do it."

"What?", sputtered Severus his red electronic eye blinking.

"Yes sir" Said O'Neil crisply "I checked regulations sir.. and regulations say that in times of non combat, fully powered Attilas, not in active combat, can make defensive improvements to the encampment.”

Severus's voice dropped. "How is building a golf course a defensive improvement?", he said with slow hate.

"Oh!" That’s the beauty, sir. The front nine flank the north of the outpost, and the back nine, to the south, clearing out a visual perimeter. Plus.. all the sand traps are mined, Sir".

Severus resisted the urge to put his face in his hand. "You… Mined…. the sand traps....."

"Oh yes sir, and I must say it has improved my game considerably". O'Neil looked off camera. "Here Doctor Diana, hold this." A well shaped young lady walked up and took his club and placed it in a bag.

"Are you using a Doctor Diana clone... as a Caddy?", asked Severus stunned.

O'Neil gave the doctor clone a swat on the backside which elicited a round of giggles from her as she walked offscreen. "I have to sir.", O'Neil said to Severus seriously.

"And why is that?", asked the Everaseur regretting his question immediately.

"Apparently venusian poison grass breaks wickedly when you trim it close, and she is the only one who can read the greens.", said O'Neil. Suddenly an Attila mark 3, dressed in what appeared to be a tuxedo, walked onto camera holding a tray of drinks. O'Neil took one of the drinks, and picked the tiny umbrella out of it and took a sip. He wiped the moisture from his pencil thin mustache and flashed a dashing smile. He rested the drink back on the tray. " can your top Soldier”, O’Neil used his thumb and forefinger to shoot an imaginary gun at the screen, “help you?"

Everaseur Severus gripped the file on his desk marked "Nineth Company: Shore Leave relocation." with white knuckles. He took a deep breath and regained his composure. "I have a new mission for you O'Neil. Most of your Company will be relocated back here to the home Asteroid. Severus put down the folder picked up a different one marked "Top Secret: Extremely Dangerous"., but you will be taking a small band to recover data from a downed Capitol spy plane. I’m afraid its a very.. very.. very.. dangerous mission".

"Dangerous?", said O'Neil looking suddenly ashen. “But im scheduled to come home”

"Oh yes...", said Severus feeling his grin spread. "its very dangerous… which is why I need my TOP soldier."

My force consisted of:
Custom Shooty Warlord Major O'Neil.
One Squad of unarmed Chasseurs
Two squads of Armored Chasseurs
One squad of Four Enhanced Machniators
Two Curriasser "Atillia" Mark 3
One Exterminateur "Atillia" Mk 1.

Raptor's force consisted of
Custom Close Combat Warlord, Commander Charles M. Norris.
1 Unit of Banshees
2 Units of Airborne Cavalry
1 Unit of Sea Iions
1 Unit of Free Marines
1 Leviathan Heavy Battle tank

The battlefield was deployed as follows: (Apologies for the small pics, but I left my camera at home and we had to use Raptor's phone).


Instead of rolling for mission, we chose supply run. I am quickly finding this to be my favorite mission because there is no army “Break Point”, and brute strength usually does not win the day. Also you can have huge swings in who is winning.
So Raptor and I sent about deciding the objectives. “The Pilot lived… so we have the pilot, the flight recorder, and the Spy camera recordings.” We picked out two suitable objective markers for the recorder, and the camera. I ask Raptor, “Do you have a miniature for the pilot?”. After a bit of searching we come up short. “I have this rubber lizard that looks good in the terrain”, said Raptor. “How does that represent the pilot?”, I ask. “Perhaps he is inside the lizard”. The idea as so funny, we went with it.

We rolled for initiative, I won, and deployed first, so I could move first.

Turn 1: Cybertronic gets the Initiative.

I commit my first and greatest mistake in the game with the first move of the first turn. My squad of 4 machinators are standing next to the North Objective. Instead of taking the objective and running their enhanced 14" (-3" for holding an objective) back to my line, I leave the objective and run across the top of the battlefield, hoping to hunt down Commander Charles Norris early in the game. Three Machniators hide behind a large rock outcropping to the North, but not being enough room one lags behind, taking cover by a derelict tank hull.

Raptor goes next. "No Guts, No Glory", says raptor and Charges Commander Norris straight into the four Machniators. I was not expecting this. Commander Norris cranked up his chainsaw bayonet and gutted the first Machinator. "Commander Norris does not fear Cybertronic". He grunts and sliced the head off a second. "Cybertronic fears Commander Norris!". He brought the chain bayonet down on the third Machinator killing it as well. The fourth Machinator hides behind the tank hull and tries to look very small.

[At this point, I realize my mistake, and in the first move im already down 150 points.. I get a bad feeling]

For my next turn the Attila Mark 3s (Known hereafter as Terminators), move from the center of my deployment zone up to shoot the Sea Lions hidden in a heavy woods next to the South objective. Typical Sea Lion trickery insures that after the shots clear, no Sea Lions were harmed in the making of this report. I was unprepared for what was next.

The first squad of Capitol light infantry come screaming out of the sky on their Anti-Grav chutes. On the way down they target the tallest hill on the battlefield, and let their rockets fly. Meanwhile below, on top of said hill. Major O’Neil was setting up camp with his unarmored chasseurs. “This will be a great vantage spot to watch, I mean engage the enemy”. He said crisply. “Alright team, now get that shield generator set up, and Jenkins, get the solar tea kettle up and running. I’m parched. Say.. does anyone hear a weird whistling noise?” Five missiles struck their encampment with unerring accuracy. When the dust settled, a heavily wounded O’Neil crawled out from under the bodies of the unarmed chasseurs, all dead. Worse, the tea kettle was missing. Still the light infantry were not done. They landed on the north part of my deployment zone, and targeted Armored Chasseur squad 1, with more shotguns than one squad should be able to carry. They kill two, leaving three alive.


Back on the other side of the battlefield, Armored Chasseur squad two power blink through the rock encampment they are hiding behind, towards the Sea Lions. Five soldiers teleport through the Other, but only four arrive standing. Chasseur Thorpe stumbled out of the warp with a pop, riddled with bullet holes and holding an alien arm. The arm was some human like power armor, with a massive shoulder pad etched with the words “Dante”, and “For The Emperor”. Unfortunately Chasseur Thorpe died of his wounds before he could describe what had happened to him. The remaining four chasseurs turned to burn cards and unleashed shotgunny hell on the Sea Lions, killing all but one.

Nearby, in the middle of the battlefield, the tank crew of Leviathan Echo Niner, receive a distress signal from the Sea lions. “Under Heavy Fire! Please respond!”. “Oy!”, tank commander Phillip cried looking through the periscope. “Some of our lads are being shot at!, Return fire!”. Shortly after, I learned what “Executioner Ammo” is, and why it is so unpleasant. Surprisingly though two Chasseurs live at the end of the round.

Again we jump back to the other side of the battlefield. Up north, Armored Chasseur squad one enacts revenge on the Airborne light infantry that attacked them, and kill two, leaving three.

Finally believing himself to be in the clear, and well supported by the Leviathan, the last Sea Lion sprints out of cover and grabs the southernmost objective (the flight recorder)! On the way he pulls out a pistol and headshots one of the two remaining ACs from squad 2. Raptor makes some comment. He says something like “Ha HA! Suck it, you cyborg bastard”, but I think what he meant to say was “So sorry, this game isn’t going your way, Doug”.

Now I don’t have any targets, and I know that there is a second light infantry drop squad, and a squad of banshees on the way, cause I can see them next to the table). So I put the Attila Mk1 Exterminateur (that’s British for Exterminator), on Sentry.

Hidden behind the massive amount of scenery on the table, the Capitol Free Marines sprint into action. One fires a rocket at the last Armored Chasseur, who dodges out of the way, matrix style. One throws a C4 packet at the last Machinator who is near the North Objective. It misses, so his buddy throws one. This scatters as well, around the corner where Commander Norris is. A low bang, is heard followed by a howl of cussing. Both Free marines agree to hide their remaining charges under a bush, and pretend that neither one of them remembered to bring them to the battle. Lastly one Free marine, makes it to the downed plane in the center, only to find a giant dead iguana who apparently died trying to digest the pilot. Rather than cut the pilot free, the marines remove the wrist based flight computer , still attached to the wrist hanging out of the iguana’s mouth. “Capitol… Takes a lickin’ and keeps on ticking!” says one Marine, holding up the wrist computer to show his other two companions.

Commander O’Neil on the hill stares down the sight of his rifle and pulls of a shot, dropping the triumphant Free marine’s companion his steps. Behind him the kettle starts to whistle. “Get that would you”, he says to his dead squad mates while he kills another marine and sends the others scattering. Unfortunately the Marine with the wrist computer tucked and rolled to the other side of the dead iguana, keeping hold of the objective. Putting the gun down, he gets up off of lieutenant Buckley, whom he had been using for a seat. “I have to do everything around here he mutters”. Unfortunately the whistling of the tea kettle covers up another whistling noise. Massive explosions erupt around O’Neil, and then everything goes black.

Airborne Infantry Squad two , finished firing 3 missiles at the top of the hill, and 2 on Armored Chasseur squad 1, land in the Cybertronic backfield. They un-sling their shotguns, ready to take down the two Terminator Attilas. Bill had forgotten (though it was clearly marked on the table) that the Exterminateur (That’s British for I put a U in everything) was on sentry. ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend”, the Exterminator says in a deep electronic voice as he powers up his master blaster and drops 4 of the 5 light infantry before they can fire. The last light infantry breaks and runs for home.

Raptor gets a back to back turn, since my unarmored chasseurs died without being able to be activated. Im out of units. So he drops the banshees in who deploy with a 1, so they don’t use an action in deployment, they engage the Terminator Attilas causing one wound on each.

[End of Turn one: Things do NOT look good for the home team. O’Neil is out (presumed dead), Chasseurs are dead, Machinators have one of four alive, AC Squad 1 is down to 1, AC Squad 2 is down to 1. I have no objectives and Raptor has 2 secured. But do I give up! No! it’s not over! It wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and its not over now!. The Battlefield looks like this:]


[Turn Two: Capitol gains initiative]

Still looking through the periscope, tank commander Phillip, yells. “One of those bastards is still alive! Take him out”. “With which weapon?”, Asked gunnery sergeant Rothe. Phillip looked down and grinned “All of em!”. “ The Leviathan fires ALL weapons at the one southern Armored Chasseur. I just reach down and take the model off the table. I don’t even make Raptor roll.

It was a bloody, bloody turn one. I however, try a desperate attempt to hang on. The remaining machinator turns and burns my two precious cards (as I am out of a commander), and leaps over terrain, to grab the North most objective, and then hide behind some rocks.

The single remaining Sea Lion, with the objective watches his last opponent get turned into a greasy battlefield smear, turns and runs like crazy towards his line.

The Terminators return Hand to Hand combat with the Banshees, killing three of them.

The Capitol free marines in the center of the table see the machinator leaping over rocks carrying the Spy Camera. They look around for Commander Norris, and not seeing him, pull their C4 charges back out and lob two in to the direction of the Machinator. They are rewarded with a satisfying explosion and a shower of Machniator bits.

The last surviving Armored Chasseur lines up the few remaining Airborne for a revenge shotgun blast. Raptor plays a card “Backfire” on me. I roll a “1” to hit for myself, and my Chasseur’s shotgun explodes in his hands killing him. Raptor does a happy dance, and then pretends to be sympathetic. Poorly.

The Banshees fight back against the two Terminator Attila mark 3s, but cause no wounds.

Lastly for me, the Exterminateur (that’s British for Oxford dictionary means Oxford), moves across the backfield and lets loose with his rail gun, lining up and killing the three remaining Airborne and a free marine (24 inches away) all in one shot. His last two shots miss the other two free marines.

The Broken seargent Parker from the first Captiol Light infantry, suddenly rallys and then hides in some tall grass.
In the far North corner, the wounded Commander Norris (remember the c4?) moves up, but there is no one nearby to fight.

[End of Turn 2: This has been a bloody, bloody game. All I have left are the two Terminators and the Exterminator (damnit I’m spelling it right from now on). I cant possibly win. But Raptor is not that good either. He has the two Banshees, they newly rallied Light Infantry seargent, The sea lion with the objective, and two free marines. He also has Commander Norris, and the Tank ,but neither of those can grab objectives. A plan forms in my mind, that since I cant win, I just MIGHT be able to play spoiler. The Battlefield looks like this.]


[Turn 3: Capitol takes initiative again.]

The turns are starting to fly by as there are few things to move.

Raptor starts off by moving his unoccupied Free Marine up to take the North objective ,and then move down towards the middle of the battlefield. The other Free marine, who has the middle objective moves towards the table edge, hugging cover.
On my turn the Terminators grab the arms and legs of one of the last two Banshees,and rip him in half. The last banshee, after wiping the blood of his brother of his mask, decides that being a coward is not that bad after all, and besides, his mother is calling him. He breaks, and launches himself up into the air on his jump pack. “Is nofin to be a shamed of, Drake”, he says to himself. “Bein a coward just means youv’e got a ‘ealthy sense of self preservation.” The Terminators now get orders from the Atilla to hunt down the objective carriers.

Parker, hiding in the long grass hears his Comlink chirp. “Parker! Where the @#$@ is everyone!”, yells Commander Norris over the radio. Hearing this noise, the two Terminators perk up and look at Parker’s hiding spot they begin to advance. “Quiet Sir!”, whispers Parker, “they can hear you! They are coming this way!”. “What!”, barked Norris on the other end of the line. “Parker are you hiding? If I find out your being a yellow bellied coward I will deal with you myself!”. The Termniators began closing in, obviously seeing him. “No Sir!, Yelled Parker. “Im not hiding, at least not anymore!”. Parker fired off a few more shots, before charging the Terminators with a battle cry of “I hate my superior officer!”. [Raptor wisely engages my terminators with the soon to be doomed Parker, to keep them from shooting next round. It’s a very wise move.]

I move the Exterminator up to the center of the table, hiding under the downed ship, so to not let the Leviathan get an easy shot, and kill the Free Marine with the North Objective. There is now no one near the North Objective, capable of carrying it.

One Down.

The Leviathan reverses, and maneuvers around to shoot the Exterminator Mk 1. With all the maneuvering it only gets off its main guns, but misses!

Meanwhile on the south side of the battlefield, The Sea Lion with the southern objective makes it within about two inches of the deployment zone. The one remaining free marine with the middle objective is about four inches behind him.

Banshee Seargent Drake Failed his rally role, and continued to launch himself in long graceful arcs towards his deployment zone. “Face it Drake, You’re a coward, a dirty stinkin’ coward, but your alive, and your gonna ‘ave to come to grips with your own mortality. Was it not Earnest ‘Emmingway, who said ‘The World kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. That’s a proper rationalization if Ive ever ‘eard one.”

Commander Norris moves up to the wreck of the Machinator, and searches for the spy camera but cant find it [Warlords cant pick up objectives]. “Where the hell is everyone”, he says around his cigar. “I haven’t seen things this slow since Orgy night at the Old Folks Home!”


[Turn 4: Cybertronic gets initiative.]

The Engaged Terminator looks down at Parker standing in front of him with a combat knife out. With an almost tender pat on the head, the Terminator pushes Parker aside, and marches off into the woods. Parker half heartedly swings at it, but misses. The Terminator moves through the brush till its targeting system locks on the flight recorder. “Target acquired” is says in a monotone voice and unleashes three shots, killing the Sea Lion. The second terminator also walks away from parker, through the brush, and acquires the wrist computer. “Secondary Target acquired”, it says and unleashes another round of fire. The three shots miss, but one last well aimed shot kills the last Free marine. I then do the “In your face” dance for Raptor. He is down to two figures that can carry objectives. Parker, and the broken Banshee. Raptor is stunned. He says “I cant believe this was all going so well, and now its slipping all away”. I feast on his despair. It tastes like kittens.

In revenge, the Leviathan puts it in forward, burns through a corpse of trees and blasts the two Termiators putting large holes in the both.

The Exterminator Mk 1, sensing that Commander Norris is out there, moves away from Commander Norris towards the south of the table, which puts him right next to Parker. “I made it!”, said Parker to the Exterminator. “I charged those to robots and survived I thought I was dead!.” The Exterminator cycled the rotary cannon of his master blaster and pointed it at Parker. “Congratulations” it said, and then there was a flash of light.

Meanwhile Banshee Sergent Drake, the only troop on his side alive, fails his rally roll again. He launches in a long arc and lands in the puddle of what was his two last companions. “See.. Drake”, he said to himself. “If these two ‘ad a better combat-life balance, they would ‘ave gone ‘ome today. Naww… that’s just a ratinaliztion. Face it drake, you’re a stinkin coward.”

Commander Norris pushes through the brush looking for an opponent. “The only problem with being Charles Norris, is that no one wants to fight you”, he grumbles.


[Turn 5: Capitol gets initiative. ].

All that’s left on the battlefield, are Norris, the Leviathan, the Exterminator, and Banshee Sergent Drake. At this moment, we both realize, that Drake is inches away from the deployment zone and the table edge. If he does not rally this turn, then no one wins and it’s a draw. Drake needs an 8 or less to make his leadership roll. Raptor Rolls the dice.. it’s a six. Raptor says. “Can I turn and burn a card, to allow Drake to move after his rally?”. “I don’t see why not, I say:”.

Sergent Drake walks towards his battle line. “Youll probably be court-martialed. That’s what you deserve, bein a coward and all. Youll just have to square your shoulders and take what life gives to you. Be a man about. It. You’re a coward, a dirty stinkin..”. Suddenly his boot hits something metal. He looks down and sees the flight recorder.
“Oh!”, says Drake to himself. “This is what we came ‘ere for!”. He leans over and picks it up. “You’re not a coward! You’re a HERO!”, a right ‘Ero you are! Your gonna get a bloomin medal!”. Grabbing the recorder he crosses the line, and gives Raptor a win.




Everassur Severus sat at his desk sipping an ice cold Vita-Roid and enjoying the afternoon reports. His monitor flashed up a picture of Major O’Neil. Next to O’Neils catalog model mug shot were the bold red words. “MISSING IN ACTION: PRESUMED DEAD”.

Everassur Severus exhaled. He looked one last time at the smug grin, the raised eyebrow, and the pencil thin mustache and hit the “close file” button. “Goodbye O’Neil”, he said smugly to himself. “Perhaps I can now get on with winning this war.”

His intercommed buzzed. It was his personal secretary. “Everassur Severus, you have an important call coming in. Sir.. it’s the Immortal!”, she said nervously?

“The Immortal! Patch him through”, said Severus.

The Immortal’s glowing face appeared on the picture screen. “Ahh Severus.. thank you for taking my call.”

“Of course sir, How can I help sir?”

“I just got the report about Ninth Company. Sad business that.”

“Yes, Sir.”, said Severus trying his best to sound sad. “Losses are regrettable in War.”

“I have a question though”, said the Immortal. “I ordered Nineth Company out of the Jungle, but my report here says you yourself ordered O’Neil on this mission.”. The Imortal stared hard at Severus. “I am not used to having my orders contradicted. Can you tell me why you changed.. MY.. order? Severus?”.

Severus felt his heart sink into his metallic feet. His palms would have started sweating, if he still had them. His mind raced.

“Well Sir…. Er… The mission we had was top priority.. er..”, Severus fumbled. “And.. we needed our best agents on it.. so I put O’Neil on it! Yes! O’Neil was the top candidate. And HQ says that when we have the most critical of missions, that we have to send our best!”, he finished with a flourish.

The Immortal stared at him for a few seconds, thought it seemed like eterninty.

“And You sent O’Neil.. because he was the best.”.

“Yes sir”, agreed Severus. “The best of the best sir! That’s what makes this whole situation more regrettable”.

The immortal sat back for a moment. Then he nodded. “Agreed! You know I misjudged you Severus. When you sent Nineth Company off to six months of jungle duty. I thought you were jealous of O’Neil. But now I see you admired him as well. Thank you for your testimony. It was the last piece of evidence I need to present to the council for O’Neil’s Diamondization.”

“His er… what?”, sputtered Severus.

“Diamondization. I already got a very strong endorsement from the Dr. Diana corps. He will become Major O’Neil Diamond, a symbol of hope for all Cybertronic”.

“O’Neil.. Diamond.. sir?”, said Severus weakly.

“Yes Severus. I want you to lead the expedition personally to bring back his body. And do not fail in this Severus. While I can understand your modifying my orders.. I do not want that to happen again. I do not tolerate failure”.

“Yes… Immortal”, whispered Severus.

“Very good. Dismissed”, said the Immortal. And the vid-screen went blank.

That was the first time since his being turned to an Everassur, that Severus regretted having his tear ducts removed.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:28 am 
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Oh what a fantastic battle. This was my FAVORITE GAME YET. We played a few things wrong, including using the LARGE templates for Hail Marys. But despite our goof ups, the game was fantastic. In the end I was rooting for Raptor to make his leadership roll for the win.

As for the Exterminator Mark 1. It is a FANTASTIC unit. The synergy that it gets with a pair of Atillia Mark 3s, is fantastic. I forgot during the first turn to lower everyones armor, but once I started remembering I had a 24" bubble in the middle of the table where everyone was -3 armor, the Mark 3s really began to shine. I had not taken them in many lists before, as they did not quite have the oomph I wanted. But for 325 points, a Mark 1 and two Mark 3s is a solid shooting base.

I cannot stress enough how this kind of win would NOT be possible in other large scale, all one side shoots games. Its great to know that even if your routed on turn 1, you can still almost win the game.

Well done Prodos.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:59 am 
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I love your reports dude! They are a shining example of Warzone at its finest!

Keep em coming and we will keep reading!!!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:14 pm 

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Another brilliant battle rep!

I can't wait to read the next installment!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:25 pm 

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Laughed out loud reading the report. I think I just found a new favorite. Hope Drake makes a comeback in the following reports.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:40 pm 
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As always, it was a pleasure playing against Dougs force. It was also nice to win a nail biter game like this one was!

Allow me to set the stage for the next one.

The smoke from the earlier fight was starting to clear. The Exterminator, seeing the Leviathan advancing toward him with two rather large bore barrels traversing in his direction, and after witnessing his buddy getting vaporized, suddenly decided that discretion was the better part of valor and cut a hasty retreat through the jungle. Getting itself shot to pieces would serve no practical purpose.
The tank pulled forward to secure the line. Commander Norris climbed up the hill that had been lit up by the airborne infantry’s rockets. He had observed the cybertronic commander that he recognized from an earlier battle cowering in the back and wanted to confirm the kill. The whole top of the hill was a mess of freshly blasted craters and dismembered cyborg parts. Norris could smell cordite, blood, and 10w30 in the air. Norris kicked at a pile of bodies, pushing a chasseur off of another body under it.
“Errrrrrggghhhh....” Groaned the body that had been covered up. The soldier was badly damaged, but still alive.
“Well, well, well”, remarked Norris. ”Looks like we have a live one here!”
Norris rolled the figure over with a swift kick to the ribs and bent over the grab it by the collar armor and hauled it up to its feet.
The soldier shook his head to clear his vision, blood and hydraulic fluid was spattered all over its uniform, but it was now obvious that this was no ordinary chasseur, this was someone special. The elaborate but destroyed rifle lying beside it was also proof.
Norris grinned and shook the figure, getting right up in its face. The figure coughed as Norris blew cigar smoke in his face, causing him to open his eyes and finally focus on his captor. “Hi. Pleasure to meet you. I think we need to talk. Gimmie one second.” Norris activated his com link. “Norris to base. Requesting immediate evac, mission completed. We have multiple injured. Also I have one high value target in custody, notify the spooks and have them standby for interrogation and debrief. They're going to want to talk to this one.”
“Roger that Commander, Helos are inbound, 10 mikes out.” Cracked the com link.
“Now then, where were we…? Oh yes, about my Free Marines that you shot…” Norris said, sliding his combat knife from its sheath.
The tank crew had popped their hatches and were attending to the injured troopers and executing any still twitching cybertronic soldiers. From the top of the hill they could hear someone yelling “NOT THE FACE!!! NOT THE FACE!!!

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Funny rep XD

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