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Take & Hold @ Old Cloisters, Dark Eden (Mishima VS Legion)
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Author:  Stealth-Wolf [ Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Take & Hold @ Old Cloisters, Dark Eden (Mishima VS Legion)

Keisuke Tsukuda, a veteran Tiger Dragon, has been tasked with the following mission: infiltrate a small squad to an ancient ruins site on Dark Eden once known as “the cloisters”, where Semai worshippers built a blue marble pyramid, and engage hostile forces, till a sapper team sets up HE charges to destroy the artifact. Some expert gave Keisuke’s superiors evidence of a close relationship between Dark Legion’s Stalkers’ presence on Mars, and the position of this site when Mars is in Sagittarius. It seems like the blue pyramid works like a beacon for the dark symmetry powers in the void, channeling their attention on Mishima’s territory on the red planet. This has to be stopped. Keisuke is landing in the dead forest near the site, and he’s eager for action, as well as his foes…
Mission: Take & Hold
Tiger Dragon Warlord
5 Hatamoto
Tiger Dragons

5 Undead legionnaires
1 Razide
2 Praetorian Stalkers (CC)

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Forgotten Cloisters.jpg
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Author:  Stealth-Wolf [ Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Take & Hold @ Old Cloisters, Dark Eden (Mishima VS Legio

The Hatamoto squad in the crippled house SW of the pyramid reaches the fallen trees on the dirty road, while spreading out to the western flank, and engages the 2 squads of legionnaires, massed in the 2 storey building and in the devastated cathedral in the NW corner. The fire is not very focused, no wounds suffered. The other hatamototakes position near a tall ruined house on the right, and hides in a bush. The razide rapidly leaps toward them, kneel behind a corner and opens fire: 2 hatamoto in the dirt. The first squad of Tiger Dragons darts out from the shadows of the cathedral’s rubble and slashes to pieces 3 legionnaires, who fire some bullet at them, harmlessly. Golgotha use her mirror ability to get near the pyramid, ready to go where she’s much needed.

The legionnaires open fire on the Tiger Dragons and on the Hatamoto, no damages. Hatamoto fire back to them, claiming 1 kill. Tiger Dragons add 2 more heads to their tally, but Golgotha mirrors herself near the big hole in the cathedral’s wall, and uses her Psychic Scream, killing one of her slaves legionnaires and one Tiger Dragon. Keisuke feels it’s time for him to rain down from the branches he used for a stealth approach, inflicting a wound to the razide. But also the Stalkers come out from their hide and kill one hatamoto. Then the last team of Tiger Dragons arrive on the field, but due to a wrong path of approach, they’re not able to take part in the action. One hatamoto fiercely claims a wound from a Stalker, who roars enraged.

Golgotha dies under the hurricane of slashes by the power naginatas of Tiger Dragons in the Cathedral, and the legionnaires can’t retaliate, they’re few and ill positioned, and their bullets hit nothing. One hatamoto dies, soon followed by a stalker, then a Tiger Dragon, then the razide.

More Legionnaires find the eternal peace, The last Stalker can’t do much damage, and goes to 1 wound. Keisuke runs on one objective, the unengaged hatamoto take care of the other two.

Keisuke receive communication from the sapper team. They can fall back, the charges are set. He give the order. His teams disengaged fastly, reaching the LZ. The far and frustrated roar of the lone Stalker is suddenly covered by a massive explosion: little marbly rubble rains on his armour. Under his war mask, he was smiling.

(PS = this time I sucked with photo retouches :mrgreen: )

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