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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:25 am 
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"Command, this is Pikenier 4, checkpoint Foxtrot, all clear. Sweeping forward".

The towering Vulkan slowed down the pace just for a moment,
leaned right, and speeded up again, following the muddy path in the jungle.
Definitely an easy route, considering the mazes or the dangers that feldwebel Beckenbauer faced in the past 8 months on Venus,
while serving on reconnaissance duties on his trusty Vulkan.

"Roger, Pikenier 4, your estimate time for waypoint Golf?"

"aah... I'd say 3 minutes, over"

"Roger that" said laconically the command post.

Beckenbauer checked rapidly his map. Waypoint golf is, or better,
WAS a farming facility in a zone not too infested by venusian jungle.
One of the few usable lands in the region. Bauhaus defended stubbornly
this farm for over two years against the attacks of Capitol's soldiers,
until the enemy decided that no one must use this facility,
and chemically bombed the whole complex for one week.
Beckenbauer's battalion has been redeployed in a Forward Operating
Base a few kilometers away, in order to set a constant net of Bauhausian
eyes and hears to keep control of the zone, hoping that in a few
months the ground will be usable again for crops.
After a pair of static noises, the radio started to speak.

"Pikenier 4, this is major Steiner, do you read me?"

Beckenbauer had the impulse to stand up, but he realized he
was cranked inside his vehicle.

"major Steiner, Sir, loud n'clear. Go ahead."

He was aware that Major Max Steiner, the legend, the hero,
was in his sector, but hearing his voice is, well, just thrilling!
Steiner's voice again in the radio.

"One of our traps have been triggered, position 448-201.
Could you check it out for us? we can be there in 7 minutes,
if needed, but I'll prefer not to leave my current position"

"Affermative, Sir! Pikenier 4 heading South right now!"

with enthusiasm, he pushed the control stick to the right,
and with the engine roaring he plunged in the direction given.
He did a rapid calculation, realizing that the point given by
major Steiner is pretty near to the border of the old farming complex.
"Capitol bastards, for sure!" he thought.
In a minute he had the first blips on his scanner. But this was expected.
He wanted to give major Steiner better informations, like number of
enemy forces, or the troop type, maybe the damned Sea Lions,
very dangerous on the distance. He approached to the contact
from a different direction, rather than head-on. He was near to
his destination, and he saw something strange. And scary.
The ground. Someone, in the whole area, has been digging the dirt.
By hands. FROM BELOW.
The fear took possession of his brain. Not the fear of fight,
but the fear of the abomination of undeath. He pushed heavily the mike
button and spoke.
"Major Steiner!! Sir!! It's the Dark Legion!! Pikenier 4 is falling back!!"
He was about to turn his Vulkan away, when the major stopped him.
"Negative. Pikenier 4 must reposition on the left of the fern wood
and hold ground. We're coming!"
Calmed by the firm words of Max Steiner, Beckenbauer regained
control, and sadly shook his head. What a bad impression, he gave..
he was about to apologize, when the radio spoke again.
"Major Steiner, this is leutnant Briegel, of 5th Hussars. I'm near your
position, do you want us to join Pikenier 4?"
"Affirmative, leutnant. Your guns are appreciated.
Be prepared to the worst."
The Vulkan set up its position, and awaited the Hussars and the
Rangers to reach the warzone.

Forces & Deployment

Max Steiner
5x Hussars (1 Missile Launcher)
5x Venusian Rangers (2 Missile Launchers, cloaks)

Alakhai the cunning
10x Undead Legionnaires + Necromutant leader
2x Razides

Bauhaus seize the initiative, and form a line of troops in its side.
Hussars on left with Steiner, Rangers on right, and the Vulkan in the center.

Undead legionnaires sets on the extreme left of their side, ready to form
a column, while Alakhai and the Razides take advantage of the
roofs of the complex.

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:31 am 
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The hussars'missile launcher stands in sentry, waiting for the razide to advance on the edge of the roof. The others climb the farming complex, setting up a line of defense. Unfortunately, one of the brave soldiers loses the grip, and badly falls down, getting a heavy injure and being knocked out for the rest of the battle. Major Steiner climbs and take position on the right of the hussars. The Rangers advance so they can keep sight of the convergence and still be prepared to close the right flank to the advancing legionnaires. The Vulkan advance to the center.

Alakhai and the Razides decide to join up to assault the Bauhausian troops on the roof: if they succeed, this battle will be very short.

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:34 am 
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The nepharite uses his power "Summoning the Darkness", but miscalculates the advance and he ends, together with the Razides twins, inside the 18" LOS of the enemy. Razides drop first blood killing 2 hussars, and their leader.
The necromutant keeps on barking orders to his minions, pushing them forward in column formation.

Max Steiner calls in an airstrike, cleansing 3 Legionnaires and their leader. The hussars use "driven by excellence", but can't harm the fleshy abominations on the bridge.
Steiner fires Manstopper Ammo with his Deathlockdrum, killing one razide with a lcuky serie of critical shots. Beckenbauer aims his heavy machinegun on the other beast, and claims one wound. The Rangers, expert snipers, took one wound from Alakhai.

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:37 am 
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Beckenbauer wanted to use his Prometheus flamethrower against the Razide on the bridge between the roofs, so that major Steiner and the hussars could advance. He turned the Vulkan's torso left, but before he could start to move, the radio warned him. "Pikenier 4, Steiner here, you have Alakhai the cunning on the roof above you! EVASIVE ACTION!". Beckenbauer froze. One of the most feared nepharites of the solar system was a couple of meters away from him! He almost rip the command stick away, pushing it hardly to the right to disengage as fast as he could. He managed to fight the panic, though, because knowing that the greatest hero of his corporation was fighting on his side gave him the bravery to stay focused.

The Vulkan disengages from his position, fearing Alakhai proximity and the possibility to be engaged in CC against such a beast. Hussars missile launcher takes another wound from the razide, who gets finally killed by Max and his Manstopper ammo. The rangers squad use "crackshot" to be sure to hit Alakhai, they know that if he gets near to their warlord, the battle is over. They claim 2 wounds on the nepharite, while their leader climbs on a structure, and after t2b 1 resource, he stands in sentry, for keeping the right flank secure.

Alakhai tries to pursuit the Vulkan. He knowed that on the roof he stood no chance. Without the razides, and with a lot of way still to go against a Deathlockdrum, he preferred to encircle the Vulkan, and to try to defend the convergence. So he jump down the roof, managing not to be injured by such a bravado, and psychicly ordered to his legionnaires to regroup and cut the retreat of the Vulkan. The decerebrated warriors execute without hesitation, and form a barrier ahead of the bauhausian walker. None of them could survive such an action, but none of them cared. Only one tried to sneak around the vegetation to use his Valcheck HMG on the rangers, but their team leader had already lined up his panzerknacker to his head. A second later, the corpse died again.

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:39 am 
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more pics

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:40 am 
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Alakhai, in his bloodlust, didn't check to be out of Steiner's LoS. He wasn't. So Max took the opportunity to use again his Manstopper bullets, finally cleansing the enemy warlord.

Steiner's voice filled the radio channel. "Vogt, advance to the convergence! Hussars, cover from the roof! Pikenier 4, keep those undeads at bay, but stay close to the objective!"

Everyone executed promptly, proud to be under the command of such a man.

Venusian Rangers close in to the center of the warzone, while the Vulkan killed the nearest legionnaire.

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 9:44 am 
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TURN 5 win

Bauhaus forces are in control of the convergence, uncontested. Full victory for Max Steiner!

in a pair of minutes, Beckenbauer saw Major Steiner coming toward his Vulkan, walking like who knows that not a thing in hell can stop him.

"nice job, Pikenier 4. You have skill, and you have been able to stay frosty against one of our greater enemies. Alakhai usually frightens entire companies!"

Beckenbauer's heart was a mix of pride and joy.

"Thank you Sir. It's an honour and a privilege to fight at your side!"

"What's your name, feldwebel?"

"Klaus Beckenbauer, 2nd recon battalion, Sir"

"so nice job, Klaus Beckenbauer"

His name spoked by Steiner's voice was one of the most delightful sounds he ever heard.

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 10:04 am 
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Hey guys! Hope you like my last battle report! First time with painted minis!! :mrgreen:

..although something had to be proxied.. like Alakhai and the second razide... :?
Also, I have just 5 legionnaires painted, but I've been happy to use my old capitol light infantry like soldiers died in the past battles for the farming complex.. you know I'm fluff addicted :roll:

I'm stunned by the power of Manstopper bullets... 1 card t2b for 4 critical shot!
Also, I'm convinced razides are one of the most powerful units in the game. Fast, durable, and well armed... a pity this time they didn't manage to be effective. Alakhai is a magnet for heavy fire, my suggestion is, however, to risk him. Too bad if you are not able to put in use all those points by keeping him behind. At least, if you attack, the whole enemy army will be focused on him, and will be forced to react, losing the initiative of fighting. :twisted:

I had a strong urge to play some games, and I decided to write a report of this one, even though the gameboard is not eye pleasing and my pics are awful.

But stay tuned, "because", like Bob used to say," the times they are a'changing". ;) ;)

PS just one more... the most dangerous moment of the game. 2nd TURN, Tesla, my cat, decided he wanted to examine my deployment tactic... :o

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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 12:49 am 
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nice! I always look forward to new battle reports!

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