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 Post subject: Tournament report
PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:57 am 

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The list was

Golgotha warlord

Dati tools and rampaging shadow

4 troops
5 legionnaires 2 valcheck necromutant leader

2 razides, nazgaroth
1 razide nazgaroth 
2 nasca razide 1 hellblaster

First game against imperial . Mission where You have to control 3 objective from turn three.i choose the hidden agenda blood feud, targeting the rd sergent.

The field is from my left a wood, little clearance a large trench in the center, a little wood and a small structure. 

From his side there is many patch of woods and a few little ruin. In the middle of the field  a large opened ruined building with on my left another wood and on the right few corner of ruins

The objectives are one in a wood, the other in the middle of the ruined building and the last one is on a small ruin.
He has 
Custom cc warlord
Two trencher with charger medal who gives camo
Two special forces (troops)  with 2 shotgun , one infiltrating the other rd
One cc blood beret w/ mcbride 
One shooty blood beret
3 grey ghost 
A greyhound

Eh choose to take one Isf in rd, then infiltrate with cc blood berret, Isf, and grey ghost

The Board is not so Huge so he put each ghost on an objective. 
Inside the building the isf backup the central ghost, while cc blood beret on the woods midfield on my left on another. A trencher and rng blood berets arrive from the dz to help the ghost on the small ruin on the right .
I deploy a pair of squad of undead on each side, the normal Razide near the gap on the left where the hound should arrive, Golgotha and nepharite in the middle behind the trench to affect the most possible models. He won initiative and play a strategy to give shooty bb an ia.  In its first turn I advance thanks to the nepharite ability and I took off a good part of his army i get five from infiltrate squads and 2 grey ghost, plus few sp from the hound. In return i lose Two undead. 

The second turn is basically the same, with him advancing on the objective with the squad in the back, taking opportunity shots and rd the isf squad, decimating Two squad of legionarie but leaving 4 in a squad and 2 hmg and necro leader on the other, engaging a razide, while the other is killed by fire and an aimed critical from the ghost ( cf2....) 
The remaining razides gets rage and charge the isf Who engagé the other razide.... But can't hit the puny isf..... The rest of my army advance and take a few risk i take half blood beret with a good indigestion. But i am under in the scenario, he have basically all of his army on the objectives. So I take a few more gamble advancing but, also cleaning the left flank from the cc blood beret, I am too far from the objective and he have a few trencher and the ghost that, with a 1 kill the already wounded Golgotha.... 
On the right, the last blood beret and two trencher keep the last objective.
On the center, the last two isf and a pair of trencher are on the objective, backed up from the cc lord . as my last activation, the nepharite with only one wound remaining, risk it all
And charge on the middle right onto the objective, I kill all the imperial on the objective and with the third ap bought with the last resource I hit but not kill his warlord. Then he charge me but his warlord doesn't wound the nepharite, so I contend the objective, time is out and so it is a draw! Phew, I make hidden agenda, so it is 10-5 for me......

The second is the mission to conquer table quarter and convergence against Capitol. 
Quarter deployment
He have custom cc warlord , 
2 heavy infantry
3 free marine
2 shotgun rd light infantry.
1 orca

The field is a complex of trench in my quarter on the right, an immense destroyed building occupying nearly all of the his side quarter on my right. On the left there is a ruined bridge which link two areas of debris. In the convergence , there are a few debris and a ruined vehicle . 

Well, i already think of this as a really bad match. I have to disperse to try to control quarter but 
A he spread free marine in every quarter
B he have 2 rd troops which are nasty to my troop. 

I the end, I choose the kill 3 squad hidden agenda....

So pressed, I can only wait, but basically, with the 2 rd squad he kill all of the legionnaire, block with a card a black liquid Granade which would have gave  me a few more model to contest, and in the second and third turn nearly finish the work with a boosted rof of the orca...

In three turn survives only
Golgotha which alone killed basically the 2 rd troops. 
Nepharite which killed the closest free marine squad in hth 
One Razide 
2 necromutant leader and 2 undead. 

He already control his quarter the convergence, and I have only a pair of model in the other three quarter.... So he win. 
I have killed 
2 rd squad
2 free marine squad 
A pair of heavy infantry....

Well ok, I already expected an heavy game, go on........

Of the third game I can say very few....
He has tech custom en. Chasseur warlord. 
7 chasseur Diana clone rl
5 chasseur
2 Attila
2 scorpion
1 extermiateur
6 activation. 18 models. 

The other games took nearly 2 hour and half to complete 3 turn. 
We took more than 3 hours to neither reach half of the second turn........
A nice guy, not a bad one BUT SO SLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW....

we played on the table of the first game, I get the other table half. 
The game was the one to kill squad leader, I choose hidden agenda to let survive a squad leader ( the lonely razide) 

The first turn we move and he killed few undead. Pops the Scorpion and as they were the only target in sight I shoot the hell of them....but he have a strategy that let scorpions reroll armor save so.... I didn't wound them.
The second turn he win initiative, kill a few more undead and a necroboss i make a few wound to exterminateur and scorpion but I can't kill anyone.... We have both to activate half of our units.

End of game for time limits. He won for tie of mission plus hidden agenda, I manage to make the h.a. But can't kill a single model of him. 

These were my first three games of wzr, ( well maybe two and half ;) )

Movement is more than ever important with these mission. So I have to take this in mind when I build the deck. 

I already have bought a blister of praetorian stalker :)

Now to specific units....

Warlord Golgotha :  she is fantastic. The best into the three named warlord.
Without add on she has mv and armour bonus for those around, a flame psychic weapon, lots of attack in hth movement shenigans... The only drawback is that she is resource hungry, but is the most flexible warlord dl has at the moment. 

Nepharite : another hero of the day. Has a decent gun , although short ranged, can punch in hth, can take 2 power and move along all the undead, helping a lot in scenario. 

Undead they can do a lot, bringing lot of valchechk for a few points.... But slloooooooow...
I will try the replenish tactics if it works.. Eg with cards, running at enemy and produce more legionnaire...

Razide king of the hill, with nazgaroth shooting always at basic Rs with 30" AVv 2 crit.damage 2 and rof2... I have to try out the plaguehmg but it is promising...

Nasca razide meh. Too short of range with the hmg and the blast cannon. With nazgaroth I feel them too overpriced, 20 more and you get regular razide ... And one wound more they can be good if you have valpurgius or some psychic trick heavy warlord.....

I paid the fact I do not know that you can buy a third ap then run and shoot.... Or do however something else.

And I was prepared to kill people but not to complete standard mission.

Well now to you to comment!

 Post subject: Re: Tournament report
PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:30 pm 
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Sound like a lot of fun. I suggest picking up a squad of necromutants. Those guys are tough and would give you some needed speed and flexibility for your force. Also for some speed check out the necrobeast riders. They are nasty as well. Thanks for the report!

 Post subject: Re: Tournament report
PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:34 pm 

Joined: Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:07 am
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Well I had necroboys on the list, but as they didn't arrive in Time I had to make up with the nasca.... :(
However I have a blister of them now ;)

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