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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:40 am 
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Mission: Kill Them All!

Capitol List:
Custom CC Free Marine WL with Rocketeers

5 man Airborne Infantry squad
6 man Airborne Infantry squad
2x 5 man Heavy Infantry with chain bayonets, flamer, and chain ripper

5 man Free Marine squad with rocket launcher
10 man Sea Lions squad

Orca walker

Leviathan tank

(will correct later but from what I remember)
Custom psychic WL
4x ronin squads
2 tiger dragon squads
Crimson Devil squad
2 mekas
2 dragons

Turn 1
Initiative- Mishima

Tiger Dragons on the left go Flesh to Stone and shoot two free marines, killing one
Airborne Infantry drop in on left an kill 4 Ronin in one squad with Hail Mary and 9 more with shotguns. The Remaining Ronin charge the Airborne and blow up in a psychic explosion, killing all but one. The second Airborne squad drops in on the right, and kill 4 more ronin from one squad with hail mary and another 8 with shotguns. The remaining ronin use the same psychic suicide attack and kill all of the airborne. The leviathan moves up and kills a Tiger Dragon that was using the sandbag bunker for cover. The Crimson Devils run up and throw an obscene amount of gas grenades at the heavy infantry on the right, and after a ridiculous amount of gas mask saves, finally kills all of them. The Orca moves up and fres its rocket launcher at the Crimson Devils, killing two of them. The Mekas move up and both fire on the tank, causing SP damage on the hull and turret, but can't power up their shots.

Turn 2
Initiative- Capitol
The Leviathan loads up Assassin Ammo and blasts the two meka, causing 3 SP on each of their hulls and weapons. Serious damage but not enough to take them out of the fight before they both power up and aim at the engine, blowing the tank up. The Orca moves up and uses the wreck of its friend for cover, and blows the weapons off of one of the Meka with its HMG, and causes another hull SP on the other one with its autocannon. The left side Tiger Dragons kill some of the Sea Lions, and the Sea Lions causes some wounds in return.

Turn 3
Initiative- Mishima
The Mekas move up to get a better shot at the Orca, but misses. The second heavy infantry squad moves up and takes out both Mekas with aimed shots to the hull. The Orca fires on the Tiger Dragons in cover but fails to cause any wounds. The Dragon rider moves up and burns up the remaining Sea Lions.

Turn 4
Initiative- Mishima

The Dragon Rider Charges the Orca, and causes a SP on the hull with a rear attack.
The heavy infantry Sgt runs over and kills the remaining Crimson Devils with his flamer, including the Screaming Devil. The rest of the squad move to engage the dragon rider, and three are able to make it. They cause 2 wounds to it. The WL engages and causing another wound. The Orca finishes off the dragon with a stomp attack.

Final Score
Capitol killed 1064 points of Mishima
Mishima killed 1029 points of Capitol

This was a fun, bloody, and brutal game. Just goes to show what grood friends, good beer, and a good game can do! This was very close and very well fought.


The board

Action shots:









And the CTC Cheat Sheet in action!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:15 pm 

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Nice, looks like a brutal match!

Poor Leviathan!

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