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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:11 pm 

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Time for another Battle Report. I really need to get my Brotherhood finished, because this Capitol vs Bauhaus stuff is getting stale for both of us! Or maybe we need to find some more nerds to play with. Either way, here's the game!

Capitol: 1000 points of Freedom
-Uncle Sam, a close combat Free Marine warlord with the Martian Quarterbacks
-7 Light Infantry
-6 Light Infantry
-6 Light Infantry
-6 Heavies with chainsaws, and the Iron Lady
-7 Free Marines with an LMG

Bauhaus: 1000 points of filthy commies!
-Ranged Hussar Warlord
-5 Hussars, Rocket and motion sensors
-5 Hussars, Rocket and motion sensors
-5 Hussars, LMG and motion sensors
-5 Etoiles with a puker
-5 Juggernauts

We used the tournament scenarios and rolled a Linebreaker mission. So my Capitol had to get across the board, getting at least 75% of my squads into the enemy deployment zone. Bauhaus simply needed to stop me, or kill at least half of my squads. My hidden objective is to keep the heavy infantry squad leader alive, and the Bauhaus secret mission is to kill Uncle Sam!

So here are our armies:

Uncle Sam's Super Freedom Liberty Force had found themselves trapped behind enemy lines and needed to push back to friendly territory! What's more, the squad leader of the heavy infantry was a promising young commander, and might even earn his own cowboy hat soon! He needs to be kept alive. The battlefield was a desert village littered with shrubs and rocks!

The Capitol forces spread out along their edge of the board, loading up extra heavily on the right flank with the heavy-hitters all grouped together. The Free Marines infiltrate up ahead with Uncle Sam joining them behind a building, and the Sea Lions infiltrate on the left flank.


Meanwhile, Bauhaus sets up a concentrated defense to counter the bulk of the attacking Capitol force, though rumor has it there's a few crazy flamethrower ladies hiding somewhere!


Turn 1: Sensing the urgency of the situation, Uncle Sam calls in a Capitolian Smoke Screen, adding to the armor of all friendly troops and support units! First, the Iron Lady runs up to extend her healing aura to the Free Marines and Warlord. Her heavies advance with her and fire into the Bauhaus army, but fail to deal any damage.

The Bauhaus warlord calls for some artillery strikes, but Uncle Sam yells “Forget it, you dirty Commy!” The tactics card fails! The Juggernauts activate their defensive mode and run forward to meet the attackers!

The Orca advances forward and takes a few shots at the Vulkan, but fails to deal any damage. The Vulkan then responds by advancing in kind and fires at the Free Marines, but also fails to kill anyone!

On the left flank, the Sea Lions carefully advance and put two models into sentry mode, waiting for the Etoiles. The rest of the Bauhaus force carefully walks forward and hides behind terrain. Uncle same runs out from cover and hides behind a large rock, playing Enhanced Suspension on the Orca, giving it a bonus to RS and freedom to stomp through terrain. The light infantry and free marines all advance, but fail to hit anyone. One crafty Marine goes into sentry, waiting for the Etoiles.

Captiol forces pushing forward!

Dug-in Bauhaus forces!

Hell of a defensive line!

The Etoiles Mortants, really emphasizing the latter half of their name, decide to go full ham mode and make a play for Uncle Sam. They RD as far up the board as they can, right within range of the crafty Free Marine. He chucks a C4 bomb, and only a single Etoile lives to charge Sam, but fails to wound him!

End of turn 1!

Turn 2:

The second turn begins with Bauhaus seizing the initiative and playing Spiraling Costs, really hurting my resources for this turn! Hussars take aim with their rockets, and put 2 points of damage onto the Orca's engines!

The Orca decides to go for broke, and charges forward, firing its rockets into the other squad of hussars, annihilating all but one of them and removing the other deadly anti-tank weapon.

The Vulkan then activates, and walks forward, hammering the Orca with both of its guns, putting one point of damage into the hull.


The Free Marines continue their advance. One of them engages the last Etoile and kills her in melee. The rest carefully walk forward, throwing C4 bombs and firing their guns into the Juggernauts, but failing to deal any damage.

A few Hussars activate and fire their weapons, and a couple of Marines go down. Capitol Light Infantry push forward, and the Sea Lions over on the left flank continue their advance, getting into position to attack the Hussars. The Bauhaus warlord also pours some fire into the Orca, dealing another point of damage to the hull.


Then the Juggernauts advance. They drop their defensive mode, and dash sideways to deal with the Orca. Three of them spray it with their machine guns, first putting 2 points into the legs, then another on the engines, then two more on the hull, and finally finishing the Orca off with a 5th point of damage to its body. The Orca is wrecked!


Uncle Sam makes his move, running around the rocky growth and charging into the Vulkan. He slashes away with his Capitolian Sword of Honor, dealing a point of damage to the Vulkan's weapons. The Heavy Infantry then advance, and pour all of their firepower into the Juggernauts, managing to destroy one of the monsters.


Turn 3: Turn 3 begins with Bauhaus playing yet another Spiraling Costs! They then attempt to Break their Lines, but the card is blocked by another Forget It!

The Vulkan activates and kicks Uncle Sam, but pure concentrated Freedom prevents him from taking any damage.

One Free Marine charges around a building and engages some hussars, killing two of them. The rest of the Marines continue walking forward and firing into the Juggernauts, wounding one of them.

The Juggernauts activate, but are horridly out of formation. They reactivate their defensive mode and run into cover and consolidate their position.

On the left, the Sea Lions, very out of their element in this open desert, creep forward and take out a Hussar. The Hussars return the favor by killing a few more Marines.

Uncle Sam smacks the Vulkan around a bit, dealing one damage point to the hull, and another to the engines.

Then the Heavy Infantry charge forward, again pouring all of their fire into the Juggernauts, who prove too tough to kill! The Bauhaus Warlord activates and points his machine gun into the heavy leader, blasting him to pieces! My secondary mission is now failed!

Turn 4: Turn 4 opens with Bauhaus playing Pride of Bauhaus, giving nice stat boosts to all the Hussars!

The Juggernauts unleash their full fury, overloading their weapons and firing into my army. The Iron Lady is burnt to a crisp by flamethrowers. Uncle Sam takes two wounds from the burning fires, and several light infantry are roasted! Two heavies also go down to the onslaught, leaving only 3. The Light Infantry are terrified and dive for cover! (pinned)


The Heavy Infantry retaliate, playing Peppershot Settings, essentially giving them all terrifying plasma shotguns. They rush forward, burning cards for activations and really laying it into the Juggernauts. One goes down, and others take wounds. They then charge into melee!

Hussars shoot down a Sea Lion and a few more light infantry.

The Light Infantry charge forward, finishing off a Juggernaut and getting one brave soldier to engage the enemy Warlord. Sam continues his angry crusade against the Vulkan, dealing a couple more random damage points to the machine.

The Vulkan retreats, ready to attempt to blast Sam away next turn.

The only surviving Free Marine, armed with the LMG, charges into a Juggernaut and finishes it off.


Turn 5: Turn 5 would have gone very differently had I not won the initiative! Uncle Sam deploys a Fog Bomb, and immediately charges the Vulkan to prevent it from shooting him. He finally destroys the machine, and it explodes in a large ball of fire. Three bald eagles fly overhead as Sam emerges from the explosion unharmed.

The Bauhaus Hussars activate, deciding they need to Hold the Line! They charge and kill a heavy, and finish off the last Marine.

I attempt to play FE22 Seeded Sand on a piece of terrain, but Bauhaus blocks it with a tac card. The Heavy Infantry charge and kill a few Hussars.

A Hussar, the sole survivor of his unit, goes for broke and charges Sam! But he fails to wound!

The Light Infantry charge into the Bauhaus Warlord and issue a Swarm order, but they fail to get past his Warlord Armor.

The Hussars in back kill another Sea Lion and some more Light Infantry. The Sea Lions all fail to shoot back.

Turn 6:

The turn opens with Bauhaus playing Seismic Disruption, and a couple Light Infantry fall into the fissure.

The Light Infantry continue their attack on the Bauhaus Warlord, but continue to fail to harm him. The brave little Hussar-Who-Could punches Sam again, but fails to kill the wounded warlord. A Light Infantry runs up and bops him on the head. Sam then engages the Bauhaus warlord, and in a flurry of attacks, finishes him off.

In Turn 7, the last Bauhaus model is killed.


At the end of the game, we look at our objectives. While I've certainly lost more than 50% of my force in points value, I technically still have living members of 6 squads and enough movement to get into the objective zone before the 8th turn. With 6 out of 8 squads capable of making it to the end zone, Capitol completes their primary objective. We both fail our secondary objectives.

It was a very close game. Had my opponent killed just a few more models from any one squad I would not have had enough squads left to complete the objective. While I took many losses, they were pretty evenly spread around multiple squads. Technically only the Orca and Free Marines were totally eliminated.

All in all, a very fun game!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:19 pm 
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Awesome. As usual, the better-painted force is at an advantage!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:36 pm 
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Once again a great match even having lost it!

A few notes from my end:
-Vengeance for 2nd Squad!
-Juggernauts continue to be worth every point
-The Vulkan with the MG/FLM, while I imagine I've been playing it incorrectly, continues to under perform.
-A minimal Ranged Warlord with a Dethlock Drum is great, but I probably need to invest in a slightly better CC weapon, the combat knife doesn't cut it.
-I deployed the Etoiles 100% incorrectly, seeing as they did next to nothing, keeping them in reserve until the next turn for a better opportunity to strike could have been a game winning difference.
-Spiraling Cost is a great card.
-While hindsight is 20/20, the Motion Beacons were mostly useless. Ditching that doctrine in favor of Scout Training, or more models would have been a better choice.
-Also the inclusion of a BAK squad would have been interesting. I really need to get my hand on the models, or a decent proxy.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:37 pm 
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Man I love your paint job! Those look awesome!

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