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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:49 am 

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The rules for Stormtrenchers (as of v1.2 pdf) state:

"Turn to Burn 2 Resource Cards at
the beginning of the squad activation to perform an Aerial
Assault. The Stormtrencher squad receives a +2 modifier to
Movement Value and a -4 modifier to RS. Roll a D20 before
each Model from the squad completes a Movement action
using the modifier from the Aerial Assault Special Skill.
On a roll of 19 to 20 the Model is removed as a casualty. If a
Stormtrencher using the Aerial Assault special skill ends its
activation within Light or Heavy Terrain a ‘Con’ test must be
taken. If the test is failed the Model immediately takes a St10
Piercing Autohit."

So...what's good about that? It seems you stand to lose much more than you gain - an extra +2 Mv but -4 RS and a chance of dying? Can someone explain it to me, I'm a complete newbie and don't see how this ability has any use.

(edit) Ok, I overlooked the effects of Fumes but it still seems too dangerous to be worth it.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:55 pm 
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A 7" M value is nothing to shake your head at. 14 inches of running, or 14 inches of an engage action can be quick powerful. While you do stand a 10% chance to essentially turn a model into a st10 AAV 1 grenade, the odds are still 90% in your favor.

I think the idea behind this mechanic is to set you up for an "Alpha Strike" as described in CTC magazine. Meaning you dump you resources into a squad so that it can do tremendous damage. Moving a model 14" with a Gehenna anything (only faction that gets the Puker and the Belcher!) and dropping a flame template on a group of models is an amazing thing. The same with the Mandibles. Sure you suffer a minus 4 to RS, but you get RoF 2. Sure that isnt great but with the volume of tests you'll be taking, something is going to get hit and flame template weapons don't take RS tests.
Or you give them anti vehicle grenades! Allowing them to jump into the rear of some vehicle and blow it to bits!
Also your if a model doesn't use it's +2 movement modifier it doesn't have to take the test!

Another thing is you have this unit move into the heart of a dense enemy formation and dare them to shoot or hit you! If they hit you they run the chance of an exploding jet pack, if they ignore you they have a bunch of mad men with shotguns on the front door!

They can also act as tough defensive troops! Because they benefit from "The Trenchers" if in light terrain, it counts as heavy terrain for cover purposes, and on top of that they get an additional (-2) to be shot at for a total of (-6) to hit in LIGHT TERRAIN. You could, if you were feeling extra froggy, give them a whooping (-8) by using Aerial Assault.

I'm relatively new to the Imperial faction, but I have a good deal of experience with Bauhaus. One thing you have to think about is can this unit do something that another one of my units cannot? or do it better? or do it cheaper?

It's all about the risk/reward ratio.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:00 pm 

Joined: Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:02 pm
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Cheers for your input, this makes more sense to me because:
1. It's a +2 to Mv not +2 to a single move, meaning that it can be +4 total which makes more sense.
2. -8 to enemy RS (Fumes + Aerial Assault) in light terrain is huge
3. The anti-vehicle attack is definitely a worthwhile move.

The Stormtrenchers definitely seem to have a lot of use as shock troops to put pressure on, or at the very least distract your enemy. By moving them (and their nasty weaponry) a large distance into a threatening position AND having them benefit from being hard to remove like normal Trenchers you can force a split in focus that cannot be ignored.

Plus they have rocket packs, which are cool.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:57 am 
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Yeah, that move is all about making them move faster, which is a pretty huge thing in this game. Superior positioning and ability to rapidly redeploy almost trumps firepower.

Mandible Autoshotguns with the right cards (Imperial has a lot of cards that boost RS) and a few TTB for +1 ROF are deadly at shooting. If they engage 14" into a target, they hit it at St12 AVV1, and once they're engaged, they are very dangerous to kill off (particularly if your opponent's models are light infantry) due to massive fuel tanks.

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