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 Post subject: Painting mishaps
PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:52 pm 

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Ever since I got my order, a week ago, I have been anxious about how to paint these very nice models.
So one evening, I squared my shoulders and primed the two Necromutant squadleaders and the Razide that I had assembled. White primer.

I had a thought of painting with very deluded paints, almost washes, to make sure I dont obscure any detail, as my Eldar suffer from my clumsy paintjob sometimes.
So I started a deluded wash of Nuln Oil on the Razide. But in my hurry to get started
painting, I did not leave enough time for the primer to set properly on the miniatures, so the wash came out a cracked, blurry, grey paste on the awesome Razide.

I was not happy. Now what do I do? I look around on the web to get the best solution to remove paint from resin models. Almost every site recommend Simple Green.
Well, what the hell is the equivalent of Simple Green in Sweden? So I start my using a toothbrush and washing up liquid. It's working, a little. So I try
to get some ovencleaner in a ziplock bag and leave the Razide in it overnight, and then toothbrush. Well, the wash has come of, and the primer in some places.

Now I try the old swedish home remedy of Grönsåpa, which to my knowledge is as close to Simple Green as I can get. I leave it overnight, no, two nights, no, four nights. Now I can finally get MOST of the primer off, but some stubborn white paint is still in the recesses. Fair enough...

In the meantime, I started painting the Necromutant Squadleaders...One layer of thinned out Nuln Oil. It looks good, but I would like some more shadows, so I lay on another layer...Damn, too dark...Into a vat of Grönsåpa they go...

I prime Alakhai, and get too much primer on him, so his chest and face details get obscured...*siiiigh*, well, into the Grönsåpa with him too then.

The only miniature I have managed to paint correctly is a Praetorian a week.

I'm such a retard. Any of you other guys messed up as bad as me on the new minis?

 Post subject: Re: Painting mishaps
PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 5:42 pm 

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Ouch, that's some harsh first experience. I have previously used other swedish brands to clean miniatures, but never in Resin so I do not know how they would react to it. But both Yes handwash as well as T-röd been used, the later was the most effective. I have no idea how they might react with Resin though so careful if you try.

 Post subject: Re: Painting mishaps
PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:47 pm 
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Simple green is grönsåpa, and I've had my praetorian behemoth in it for like three months now taking it out once a week and scrubbing it with a hard toothbrush, clearing a base coat of resin is a really arduous task.

T-röd might work, you could also test acetone, it dissolves some plastics through so test on something else first. But if it does not it's the best paint remover that is.

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