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A few rules
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Author:  Popsical [ Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  A few rules

So, so far im happy with the way the game plays and am enjoying the whole experience of AvP.
I have a few rules that i feel deserve a look at:

Sentry: at first my use of this was influenced by Space hulk 1st ed (oops), now ive come to realise its nothing like that at all. The way i see it at the moment you can shoot, move or CC in between the enemy actions (at first i interupted the actual movement with a shot). So it runs, alien moves, marine fires or moves or cc, alien gets next action.
This means that the marine player must be out of move distance of the alien or he gets engaged and cannot shoot but can CC. Or if in move range the marine can sentry move before the alien actions as it is still technically between the action of the last model and the alien, thus keeping out of move range. This seems to work well for me at the moment, i maybe wrong tho.

Faction cards: at the moment i am letting the sides play their cards at any time they like during the turn, i tried only letting them do it when they were about to activate a model but several of the cards became almost pointless and far too dependent on the situation. Allowing them to play them at any time really shakes the game up and adds more fun i found. Yet again this could be right or wrong as, as we all know, some of the rule book has come thru translation a bit sketchy.

What do you guys do?

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